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Now the #1 esport in Korea

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whamm!   Albania. Mar 14 2012 07:41. Posts 11625


I guess casual gaming is the new hardcore esport in Korea since people are already out of recession and they have better things to do than play games 12 hours a day.

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EvilSky    Czech Republic. Mar 14 2012 08:01. Posts 8915

Korea, I am disappoint :[

Svenman87   United States. Mar 14 2012 08:19. Posts 4636

Casual? -_-; obv you haven't played much high level elo matches.

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Mar 14 2012 08:26. Posts 14026

In after someone claims its as hardcore as Starcraft or any of the original eSports games.

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Mar 14 2012 08:40. Posts 14026

RTS community is going to experience the same shit the FPS community had when games like Halo gained mass popularity. Enjoy your slowed down dumb as shit babbys first esport

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Mar 14 2012 08:59. Posts 3937

  On March 14 2012 07:40 byrnesam wrote:
RTS community is going to experience the same shit the FPS community had when games like Halo gained mass popularity. Enjoy your slowed down dumb as shit babbys first esport

i already experienced that when starcraft 2 came out, i guess this will be even worse

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Mar 14 2012 09:02. Posts 3937

rip broodwar

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 

xicotaSLB   Portugal. Mar 14 2012 09:21. Posts 1124

rip bw.. rip euro/american LoL pro teams.

Raidern   Brasil. Mar 14 2012 09:31. Posts 4160

if at least it was dota 2 T_T

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wobbly_au   Australia. Mar 14 2012 10:22. Posts 6537

lol @ lol ?

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TheLink   Australia. Mar 14 2012 10:31. Posts 406

LoL better than DotA anyday. Herpaderp I can deny but theres no such thing as timing and strategy. Just wander jungle until I bump into someone.

Only semi-trolling, do prefer LoL though. Having said that yeah, what people like Flash do in BW is far more impressive than anything the LoL or SC2 community can spit out.

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Mar 14 2012 10:46. Posts 1555

is LoL the same kind of game as Dota2 and HoN?

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ggplz   Sweden. Mar 14 2012 10:50. Posts 16625

easiest to get into right? it's gotta be in basically all internet cafe/pc bangs and you don't need to pay anything extra to play it

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hording   Sweden. Mar 14 2012 11:57. Posts 474

esport is dead. (died together with BW)

lebowski   Greece. Mar 14 2012 12:14. Posts 8958

esports died with doom 2

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

Carreira   Peru. Mar 14 2012 12:25. Posts 154

Obviously LoL is easier than SC2, pro gamers from SC2 can do impressive things.

Still for me LoL is the best moba style game on the market so far, the fact that you cant deny creeps doesnt make it easier, makes it different.

Competitive matches are pretty entertaining tho, last IEM tournament finals M5 (only russian famous team and the best in the world right now) played in a completely different way than teams use to, changing the meta and destroying a team that was supposed to give them a decent fight (Dignitas).

Give the game a chance, dont judge it just because the graphics are kinda cartoonish.

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Mar 14 2012 13:14. Posts 7499

Makes me feel old.

When I see people playing these new games, I get that old man get off my lawn mode of, " Back in my day we played games that weren't catered to noobies like you. "

My brother in law & my nephew LOVE modern warfare series. Play it ALL the time. Whenever I go visit and they're playing all I can think of is ugh, this shit is horrible compared to CS. A fucking joystick? Drop my CS player with my mouse in this server and I'd fucking massacre all 30 of the players 1000-0.

Same with broodwar and these nublet RTS games.

It's like the game speed and skill level requirement have lowered 500% to cater to the average casual noob

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dnagardi   Hungary. Mar 14 2012 13:33. Posts 1522

i used to think that too that the skill level was lowered in todays games, but i changed my mind and i think im just extremely experienced and thats why these new games feel easy and dumb.
but at the progaming level its all the same, nothing changed

TheHuHu3   United States. Mar 14 2012 13:48. Posts 5544

LoL is for noobs.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

whamm!   Albania. Mar 14 2012 14:42. Posts 11625

Broodwar and Counterstrike forever.

it required insane skill to play at a high level and even if you did suck ass you tried your hardest to be the best you could be. since warcraft 3 and halo everything was about homosexual graphics.


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