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valentines day gift suggestions

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Robinson47   United Kingdom. Feb 04 2012 05:33. Posts 987

Anyone got any suggestions for valentines gifts? Here is one of my own that i will share with you

Just made a boot rack for my GF and she is delighted with the few bits of wood I screwed together. Now I wish I had saved it for Valentine's day and extra brownie points but while it is too late for me I thought a few of you might like to know what I did. It cost me £15 and took about 30 minutes.

DIY can be dangerous
I take no responsibility for anyone injuring themselves doing this but I would like you to post pictures of your injuries so we can laugh at you.

Yes it is hardly a Stradivarius but she was happy.


Sheet of "wood" (I used 85cm by 30cm x 1cm mdf I had left over but you can get some board from Wickes for £5)
2 x dowling 2.4m x 18mm £14
20 Screws (I used No10 2" but you can get 20 No.8 x 1.1/4in for £2.13)

Basic Tools (you could do it with these but it would be a faff)
Drill (No3 and No5 bits)

Better Tools (this is what I used)
Electric Jig Saw
Electric Drill (No3 and No5 bits)
Drill Sanding Bit
Electric Screwdriver
Countersink rose

(A router would improve the finish but if you have one of those then this gift is too basic for you)

Cut your sheet of wood to 85 x 30 cm
Draw 2 lines parallel to the long edge 7.5 cm and 22.5 cm in.
Draw lines parallel to the short edge at 10, 15, 25, 30, 40, 45, 55, 60, 70, 75 cm
At the intersections drill 20 holes using the No5 bit
Insert 20 No 10 screws into the holes
Cut the first dowel rod at 45, 45, 30, 30, 30, 30, 15, 15cm
Cut the second at 25, 25, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 15, 15cm
Sand one end of each dowel flat
Sand the other end into a nice dome (or just smooth the edge if doing it by hand)
Sand any rough edges on the base sheet
Drill pilot holes in the flat end of each dowel using the No3 drill bit
Screw in the dowels
(Row1 20, 20, 30, 30, 45, 45, 30, 30, 20, 20)
(Row2 15, 15, 20, 20, 25, 25, 20, 20, 15, 15)

Good Luck

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MysticJoey   Poland. Feb 04 2012 05:38. Posts 1430

Robinson47   United Kingdom. Feb 04 2012 05:44. Posts 987

its not that hard Joey, you can do it!

spets1   Australia. Feb 04 2012 06:15. Posts 2109

didnt read thread..

dick in a box


qwerty67890   New Zealand. Feb 04 2012 06:51. Posts 14026


reminds me of homers spice rack

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DaEm0niCuS   United States. Feb 04 2012 07:01. Posts 3290

Why do boots need a rack, and why does a woman need so many fucking boots.

Your rack needs a little color. It's pretty damned ugly.

Nice effort though, very thoughtful and what not.

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 04 2012 07:25. Posts 11625

sammich maker sounds good

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CruiseR   Poland. Feb 04 2012 07:29. Posts 682

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 04 2012 07:33. Posts 4741

Eeek, I thought the same thing, that's one ugly looking boot rack lol. Remind me of the first time I made my dad an ash tray in 4th grade, he said he loved it and that it was awesome!! Now I'm not so sure anymore

Critterer   United Kingdom. Feb 04 2012 07:43. Posts 5337

i'd absolutely love to see your gf's face if u gave her a plank of wood with some sticks stuck to it for valentines day!

LudaHid: dam.ned dam.ned dam.ned. LudaHid: dam.ned northwooden as..hole 

dnagardi   Hungary. Feb 04 2012 07:51. Posts 1517

  On February 04 2012 06:43 Critterer wrote:
i'd absolutely love to see your gf's face if u gave her a plank of wood with some sticks stuck to it for valentines day!

exactly my thoughts. fcking lold :D

Robinson47   United Kingdom. Feb 04 2012 08:23. Posts 987

well she liked it, has anyone got any other suggestions?

tutz   Brasil. Feb 04 2012 08:24. Posts 2025

dick in the ass

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Feb 04 2012 08:33. Posts 2723

do something cool on the 13th instead

and then on the 29th (only this year)
don't conform to this notion that you should show your love on this particular day, do it every day and in greater amounts on certain semi-random days.

lol POKER 

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 04 2012 09:37. Posts 4741

^ This

And you got a great gf, if she managed to convince you she liked the wooden dildo's you made, sounds like a keeper xD.

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Feb 04 2012 09:41. Posts 6374

  On February 04 2012 07:33 Liquid`Drone wrote:
do something cool on the 13th instead

dump her

ban baal 

TheTrees   United States. Feb 04 2012 10:41. Posts 1592

honestly i feel bad saying this since i know you spent a lot of time on this...but jesus man that looks terrible. the rods aren't even straight

BILAT_POWER!!!   Philippines. Feb 04 2012 10:56. Posts 1525

  On February 04 2012 05:51 byrnesam wrote:

reminds me of homers spice rack


Loco   Canada. Feb 04 2012 11:10. Posts 19143

Haha, hilarious thread. Spice rack is gold.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 

maryn   Poland. Feb 04 2012 11:15. Posts 1200


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