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1-on-1 with Brad Owen

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PuertoRican   United States. Jan 21 2023 21:21. Posts 13016

Joey Ingram sits down with Brad Owen, one of the most popular poker video bloggers on YouTube, and talks to him about his past, present, and future endeavors in the poker world.

In this interview, Brad talks about his success in poker, his poker career on YouTube, how he carefully selects the tournaments he plays in, how he still sells action to reduce potential financial losses, his partnership with the WPT, the cash game he played in against Phil Ivey and Alan Keating, his love and respect for Doyle Brunson, poker sustainability, the similarities between Doug Polk and himself, the business side of poker, personal investments, the poker content creator community, the passing of his father, his relationship with his brother, and then answers fan questions. Joey also talks a little bit about his own poker career, and how it relates to what Brad is currently going through.

What I noticed about this interview is that Joey upgraded the setting of the interview and focused on aesthetics, which complimented the overall interview. Even though they're talking about poker, you almost forget that the interview is about poker because of how natural Joey is at interviewing people and making them feel comfortable.

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