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More changes in the PartyPoker software: new stacks, pot and chips display!

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Defrag   Poland. Oct 19 2018 07:00. Posts 4753

In the recent years PartyPoker has often been changing something for the better in their software. Few days ago the operator released yet another update that a lot of players have been waiting for.

A few weeks ago PartyPoker changed the way stacks are presented to the form of big blinds number. Unfortunately bets and pots remained unchanged. PartyPoker was aware of this issue and promised to solve it.

Tuesday was the day when it was all finally completed. As of yesterday you can see stacks, bets and pots in the standard form or big blinds. All you need to do to go from one display form to the other is click your stack.

Other changes at PartyPoker
Poker notes
If you mark your opponents with colors and make notes about them it will be now easier as the new system is clear and friendly.

Preview of changes
If you like changing the layout at the tables now it will be more intuitive. All thanks to a preview that will let you quickly see what you can switch to as far as estethics go.

Different tabs
Practically all tabs at PartyPoker now has a new look. It's easier to find what we are looking for in our opinion.

More changes to come
We know that the following improvements have almost been finished and they will be added any day now to PartyPoker:
-the new view of tournament lobby
-view on the players list in the tournament lobby with nationality flags – solution that has been testes recently.

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Oct 19 2018 18:14. Posts 1267

party makin poker gr8 again

Sacr3D   Canada. Oct 19 2018 19:00. Posts 513

Now if they could only get more than 4k people peak time...

Naib   Hungary. Oct 21 2018 14:28. Posts 958

Still waiting for them to finally implement an option to request HH's like on stars, would be about damn time...

My favourite line is Bet/Fold. I bet, you fold. 


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