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Chinese Black Friday - how big were illegal games?

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Defrag   Poland. May 09 2018 19:00. Posts 4717

Chinese government decided using poker applications will be illegal starting from June 1st. It applies to apps based on play money, so you may be wondering why the media called it “Black Friday” as it was the end of poker in China.

Playing online poker for real money in China is only possible in Macau and Hongkong. Chinese are very resourceful and they find ways to go around the rules. It is estimated that the gray market is worth ten times as much as the legal games, and those alone are equal to 28 billion dollars a year.

Chinese players were already using multiple methods to play poker online. Using VPN to access games on foreign websites or playing in online casinos that quickly disappear are some of the methods. The most popular is using play money to organise real money games, hence the super popular Poker Master App.

Basically it works like that. Players deposit money in the organiser's account and get a password to a private table on play money app. Then they use play money, but the chips are worth real hard cash. Later the host deducts the rake and pays out winnings.

The risk is obvious. Sometimes you may not be given the password and other times you may not see your winnings. The software was also quite bugged and not working at best every time.
Nothing will also protect players from cheats at the play money tables. You can create multiple accounts and no one will stop you. Some apps have some protection means, but in general they are not too safe. Concerns were raised due to massive multi accounting and collusion at most popular poker rooms.

Blocking the applications is another method the Chinese government uses to stop illegal gambling as it naturally cost the budget a lot of money.

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 09 2018 19:54. Posts 14684

Let's see what happens hah
They were already illegal

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 09 2018 20:09. Posts 14684

And China isn't Us there are many laws that are just not enforced, even though they are very strict on paper

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k4ir0s   Canada. May 09 2018 23:07. Posts 3443

I imagine the apps will be blocked from the app stores. Twitter and other sites are banned there and i think the only way people access them is through using a VPN, which would be a very inconvenient solution for poker players there. And not to mention the social media advertising ban..

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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 11 2018 07:18. Posts 1258

i like it, more fish in 2025-2035 etc


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