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Handnr: 977914
Submitted by : k4ir0s

***** Hand History for Game 82875811730 ***** Poker Stars
$200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, July 05, 02:25:43 ET 2012
Table Saskia III Real Money
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: ><3bet4food> $598.43 USD
Seat 2: k4ir0s $787.54 USD
Seat 3: mrjapones $568.96 USD
Seat 4: JPette333 $257.66 USD
Seat 5: nanbuxian $283.22 USD
Seat 6: Ginsash $358.89 USD
k4ir0s posts small blind [$1.00 USD].
mrjapones posts big blind [$2.00 USD].
><3bet4food> posts ante of [$0.40 USD].
k4ir0s posts ante of [$0.40 USD].
mrjapones posts ante of [$0.40 USD].
JPette333 posts ante of [$0.40 USD].
nanbuxian posts ante of [$0.40 USD].
Ginsash posts ante of [$0.40 USD].

Dealt to k4ir0s [4h4c ]
JPette333 raises [$6.00 USD]
nanbuxian folds
Ginsash folds
><3bet4food> folds
k4ir0s calls [$5.00 USD]
mrjapones folds

Flop (Pot : $14.00)

k4ir0s checks
JPette333 bets [$10.00 USD]
k4ir0s raises [$30.00 USD]
JPette333 calls [$20.00 USD]

Turn (Pot : $74.00)

k4ir0s bets [$47.80 USD]
JPette333 calls [$47.80 USD]

River (Pot : $169.60)


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k4ir0s   Canada. Jul 06 2012 20:18. Posts 3450

34/29 reg 200hands, no info on him.

174 left. think b/f ~80 is good? if I check I give him the opportunity to turn his hand into a bluff :/

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barbieman   Sweden. Jul 06 2012 20:50. Posts 2132

Turn bet needs to be bigger. I think ch/c is better than b/f if he turns hands into bluffs.
I would assume he re-raises flop with all fds except QJss, 89ss, 87ss.
If these assumptions are both correct, either ch/c or try to induce.

locoo   Peru. Jul 06 2012 22:02. Posts 4548

vs this guy i would just push and expect to get called by worse a lot

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Twisted    Netherlands. Jul 06 2012 22:06. Posts 10422

Bet a little bigger on the turn for better pot:stack ratio. Then you can just shove river and not think twice.

asdf2000   United States. Jul 06 2012 22:22. Posts 7472

dude bet bigger on the turn damn

why are you checkraising flop and betting turn like a wuss

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casinocasino   Canada. Jul 07 2012 00:28. Posts 3335

looks good for shove?.... this guy is like the top 5% of loosest regs

Fayth    Canada. Jul 07 2012 01:47. Posts 10085

  On July 06 2012 21:02 locoo wrote:
vs this guy i would just push and expect to get called by worse a lot

is he that bad? like gutshots got there, flush got there, we have bottom set

when he calls with worse what does he expect to see?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jul 07 2012 02:14. Posts 4551

supposed to have greenstar not braceletLast edit: 07/07/2012 02:19

gawdawaful   Canada. Jul 07 2012 09:19. Posts 8836

this guy was a 6 figure loser on ptr in case anyone isnt aware

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