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Handnr: 1077617
Submitted by : Stroggoz

PokerStars Hand #175219649649: Holdem No Limit ($25/$50 USD) - 2017/09/04 19:31:36 ET
Table Amneris III 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: OhHeyCindy ($11256.83 in chips)
Seat 2: OtB_RedBaron ($6457.14 in chips)
Seat 4: LLinusLLove ($17025.03 in chips)
LLinusLLove: posts small blind $25
OhHeyCindy: posts big blind $50
OhHeyCindy: posts the ante $10
OtB_RedBaron: posts the ante $10
LLinusLLove: posts the ante $10

OtB_RedBaron: raises $85.25 to $135.25
LLinusLLove: folds
OhHeyCindy: raises $489.75 to $625
OtB_RedBaron: calls $489.75

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $1,275.00)

OhHeyCindy: checks
OtB_RedBaron: bets $390.90
OhHeyCindy: calls $390.90

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $2,056.80)

OhHeyCindy: bets $437.81
OtB_RedBaron: raises $933.48 to $1371.29
OhHeyCindy: raises $1013.75 to $2385.04
OtB_RedBaron: calls $1013.75

River (Pot : $6,826.88)

OhHeyCindy: bets $7845.89 and is all-in
OtB_RedBaron: calls $3046.20 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($4799.69) returned to OhHeyCindy

OhHeyCindy: shows 9c9h (a pair of Nines)
OtB_RedBaron: shows JsKd (a flush, King high)
OtB_RedBaron collected $12947.28 from pot

Total pot $12949.28 | Rake $2
Board  3d4dJd7dQc
Seat 1: OhHeyCindy (big blind) showed 9c9h and lost with a pair of Nines
Seat 2: OtB_RedBaron (button) showed JsKd and won ($12947.28) with a flush, King high
Seat 4: LLinusLLove (small blind) folded before Flop

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Nitewin   United States. Oct 08 2017 17:16. Posts 990

How does one choose which hands to kamikaze with? Cindy must have lots of hands in his range on this texture that he can turn into bluffs.

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casinocasino   Canada. Oct 09 2017 11:59. Posts 3305

25/50 is a the fish capital for the rich poker players

casinocasino   Canada. Oct 09 2017 12:00. Posts 3305

you don't need to be a poker genius to know this is some serious tilt like spew

 Last edit: 09/10/2017 12:00

drone666   Brasil. Oct 09 2017 14:28. Posts 1548

are you saying cindy is a fish ?

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 09 2017 14:49. Posts 3983

Seems fine to me, cindy can't be a fish if they are winning money over 30k hand sample in these lineups.

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 

locoo   Peru. Oct 09 2017 15:54. Posts 4501

Not a fish, but with this style of play he could definetly be just some bad reg running good. I also don't see how this can be any good? Which hands is baron raise/calling turn and folding river?

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

lebowski   Greece. Oct 09 2017 15:57. Posts 8965

the turn plays are yet again so confusing for me, can someone explain
why is red baron raising the turn with Kd when there's no protection issue and he's IP ( just to have a wide raising range?), why is cindy reraising with 0 outs to shove for less than halfpot on the brick river after getting called, how credibly can cindy rep Ad by c/c flop donk 1/5 turn (even by gto standards) ? Is he maybe repping Axdd? Does pio check/call Adx on flop?

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man...Last edit: 09/10/2017 15:59

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 09 2017 16:20. Posts 3983

Well I don't play in these games but i've read a lot of hhs of these guys. With cindy's sizing on turn they are very likely betting an extremely wide range. A small donk lead range seems fine here on a diamond turn, as baron will check back a lot. So donk-leading whole range or near whole range for 1/5 pot makes sense as a strategy. If baron think's cindy is leading whole range, then reraising for wide value makes perfect sense. Cindy has to have a 3bet range on turn, not having a 3bet range is terrible, if you look at redbaron's raise size, it looks designed for cheap showdown and thin value. as for turning a hand with 0 equity into a bluff, well there arn't any other bluff hands that have any equity. So simply turning the weakest hands that c/c flop into bluffs and balance it with Ad seems fine to me. And yes, ofc he can have Ad, these people play pretty mixed strategies, although not as mixed as gto/solver.

Cindy seem like a very good reg, though they might be the weakest in this lineup

The hand is very difficult to look at overall in pio. Pio does not do things like donk leading a very wide range with small sizes on turn. It's something regs do, but the ev difference between doing it and doing what is gto, is probably quite small, so reg's continue to do it knowing that it isn't gto. Once you realize cindy is donk leading turn with a wide range, then the rest of the actions here are quite optimal, and nodelocking in a solver will show that.

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_auLast edit: 09/10/2017 16:48


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