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Handnr: 1062130
Submitted by : YoMeR

GAME #3222318409: Texas Holdem NL $2/$4 2016-01-31 23:17:23/GMT
Table Hern
Seat 1: P1_271751PO $453.75 in chips
Seat 2: P2_602933TL $409.35 in chips
Seat 4: P4_767871LE $354.00 in chips
Seat 5: P5_832115KK $552.70 in chips DEALER
Seat 6: P6_260247MG $350.00 in chips
Seat 7: YoMeR $464.60 in chips
Seat 8: P8_868157CW $606.15 in chips
Seat 9: P9_750374RU $378.70 in chips
P6_260247MG: Post SB $2.00
YoMeR: Post BB $4.00

Dealt to YoMeRAcTc
P8_868157CW: Fold
P9_750374RU: Fold
P1_271751PO: Fold
P2_602933TL: Raise NF $9.00
P4_767871LE: Fold
P5_832115KK: Fold
P6_260247MG: Fold
YoMeR: Call $5.00

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $20.00)

YoMeR: Check
P2_602933TL: Bet $12.55
YoMeR: Call $12.55

Turn (Pot : $45.10)

YoMeR: Check
P2_602933TL: Check

River (Pot : $45.10)

YoMeR: Bet $32.00
P2_602933TL: Raise NF $155.00

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fira   United States. Feb 01 2016 04:45. Posts 6345

eh i either minraise or jam its 100 bb and if he had AA/QQ he could easily bet/call turn

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T8Suited   Canada. Feb 01 2016 15:26. Posts 1276

Can this be QT (QTs is not possible, will he open QT off?)
Or can this be a weird flush or bluff?

I'd just flat this (disclaimer: I was playing NL10 last time I played holdem)

traxamillion   United States. Feb 02 2016 01:44. Posts 10465

We lose to 1 AA combo, 3 QQ. We only beat 1 Q10 combo if he doesn't open the offsuit combos pre from that position but if he does then he can have 3 Q10 combos. If he bets turn with AA/QQ then we are nutted but I don't think we can assume he does at 100% frequency.

So best case scenario we are beating 3 Q10 and MAYYBE some 33 that cbet flop and he is usually betting turn with AA/QQ so we will be ahead of most of his shove calling range and can jam.

pessimistically he opens mostly just suited Q10 so we can only include 1-2 of those combos and little 33 (as in this scenario even if he cbets the 33 he will be checking turn a decent bit) and he will be checking most of his QQ/AA on turn. In this scenario we lose to 3-4 combos and only beat 2-2.5 so we will have less than 50% vs the calling range and should just call.

Worst case he is very nitty and has one q10suited combo only and always checks his sets on the turn. He never bluffs river or mistakenly valueraises the nutflush like this. In this case river is actually a fold.

So I think depending on the tendencies you can make a good decision here depending on the info u have.

Giant raise kinda looks like QQ but suppose could be Q10 also. Vs random I suppose nitcall vs this huge raise but it really depends on if he raises Q10o pre and how he plays turn

 Last edit: 02/02/2016 02:11

traxamillion   United States. Feb 02 2016 01:45. Posts 10465

misread2, no Q10s possible

 Last edit: 02/02/2016 02:11

traxamillion   United States. Feb 02 2016 02:15. Posts 10465

the more I am thinking about it the more I can see him checking turn with QQ and then that raise.... would be a sick herofoldd

fira   United States. Feb 02 2016 04:02. Posts 6345

wtf folding seems ridiculous, villain could have just nut flush

TheHuHu3   United States. Feb 02 2016 22:51. Posts 5544

The Yomer I know would never fold in the face of danger.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

HungarianGOD   . Feb 03 2016 03:23. Posts 459

You literally have the top hand of your entire range, do you not? Unless you flat with TT, in which case you'd have the 1 combo of quads. Either way, a fold is absolutely 100% out of the question.

I think the only hand in his ranges that would conceivably call a river 3-bet that you are beating is 33; as trax said it might not be possible for him to have QT here. If he calls your 3-bet, he certainly shows up with QQ and AA more often than hands that call and lose to you.

I would say this river is a very clear-cut call, and that raising or folding would both be disastrous.

*EDIT I think the best bluff catching hand he can have is the KT hearts nut flush, so if that is in his range he should definitely call with that. Still, even if we assume he calls with all 33 and KTh he has same number of combos of superior value hands so still no need to raise.

 Last edit: 03/02/2016 03:29


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