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Poker USA?

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alankenau19   . Dec 28 2011 11:08. Posts 18
Im currently an engineering student at Purdue University and I heard Illinois will accept online poker as well as Nevada and New York, something like that.. Do you guys know something about it?..

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Jun   Croatia. Dec 28 2011 12:34. Posts 825

Why is everyone on the internet an engineer or an engineering student

Life is a coinflip 

aCa_   . Dec 28 2011 14:40. Posts 470

because they dont mention it if they arent

OnTheMountain   United States. Dec 28 2011 20:04. Posts 551

Do you mind sharing your source in regards to New York possibly allowing online poker?

God Damn U.S.! I want to play POKER!@ 


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