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SaturdayZerg   Canada. Sep 26 2011 19:20. Posts 72
I'm on exchange in france right now and inexplicably decided to install pokerstars last weekend after 9 months not playing (using my school's VPN of course)

Friday to Monday went like this:

Played about 50 $3.50 SNGs and broke even - felt tilty and got frustrated not having a HUD

Played 80 $7 HU SNGs and up $80 - felt better since pretty much everyone I played against limped buttons and donk bet with weak draws

I was about to uninstall pokerstars and focus on school but then railed a bit of the WCOOP and thought "wow, must be fun to go deep in a tournament. wonder what that feels like."

So I try out ONE $2 rebuy tournament to mess around while I study and manage to luckbox my way to the final 100 after 5 hours and skipping dinner. At this point I'm stoked to be 10th in chips of a $16k tounrnament (first prize $2500), and obviously I then proceed to bluff everything off since I had no idea how to play tournaments and I stopped sucking out. Finished 64th for $30

Think "at least I'm still good at HU SNGs, wonder if I can beat the pros" so lose at $30 HU SNGs until I bust my online bankroll

Guess I can take a break from poker now and enjoy france a bit more

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aCa_   . Sep 26 2011 19:50. Posts 470

If it makes you feel any better I almost tilted off my BR yesterday

superfashion   United States. Sep 26 2011 20:56. Posts 918

some of us can't even play online, be thankful for what you got son

shoving here as a bluff at 50NL is like explaning calcalus to a 6 month old cat wtf are you thinking - TalentedTom 

rememp   Canada. Sep 26 2011 22:04. Posts 480

enjoy France, play when you get back from exchange and you're on the daily grind

kingpowa   France. Sep 28 2011 12:07. Posts 1525

Play on, rake --> pay taxes for french gov and make me pay less
kidding, I am all for taxes.

sorry for shitty english. 


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