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kimseongchan   United States. Jun 23 2011 20:51. Posts 2089
Hey guys, my friend is the COO of a start-up and I'd appreciate anyone willing to partake in this event. All that's required is a few mouse clicks . FWIW it's 100% free and legit; I've received a prize from an earlier event (starbucks card) in my mail.

more info:

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exalted   United States. Jun 23 2011 21:02. Posts 2918

lol i signed up but i regret it immediately i think

it makes it seem like its an actual game of skill when it's more of who networks it more properly. sure you can like it and share it on twitter and facebook but more importantly affiliates (like kimseongchan) have the best shot at it

awkward pyramid scheme that is just trying to force itself to become viral

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kimseongchan   United States. Jun 23 2011 21:06. Posts 2089

lol two things can happen
a) you're around a computer when it starts the countdown and you click fast enough to win a prize
b) you forget about it and nothing happens at all

edit: idk much about start-ups but I don't think my friend would start a pyramid scheme, we asked him how he intends to profit and he said "advertising platform / self marketing through shares" (w/e that means)

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exalted   United States. Jun 23 2011 21:09. Posts 2918

yeah well, the people who network the event the most are definitely going to be there for the countdown

so then basically i can play for a 10% chance at a starbucks gift card. so we're looking at an ev of like .50 cents

i mean free stuff is free stuff and i don't mean to knock it. good value for the nits out there

exalted from teamliquid :o 

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Jun 24 2011 06:32. Posts 5639

hey! its kimseongchang.

Hi, its been a while, what are you up to these days?

kimseongchan   United States. Jun 24 2011 07:39. Posts 2089

hey man, yea it's been really long lol I've just been gettin ready to go back to school after black friday happened


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