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beata123   China. May 27 2011 21:21. Posts 0
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terrybunny19240   United States. May 27 2011 21:37. Posts 13829


obv spam but heres a relevant article

whamm!   Albania. May 27 2011 21:49. Posts 11625

beata123 is probably his jail block/cell #

Jubert69   United States. May 27 2011 22:25. Posts 3191


devon06atX   Canada. May 28 2011 01:13. Posts 5437

that's right bitches, LEARN this motherfucking guide and pave your golden road of triumph by cashing a solid motherfucking 4-5.5$/hr farming gold.

remember! areas = levels = demand. learn the market! be a stock trader on WoW! fuck yeah!

serious shit goin' on right here.

exalted   United States. May 28 2011 06:29. Posts 2918

haha night, that article was very enlightening, posted it on my FB

exalted from teamliquid :o 

terrybunny19240   United States. May 28 2011 11:56. Posts 13829

ya the article struck me out of the blue so I want to get the word out


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