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Looking for a stake

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KeanuReaver   United States. Apr 06 2011 19:35. Posts 2022
Going to try to make this as professional as possible, I am looking for a stake for the NL100-NL200 games on PokerStars. About 6 months ago I more or less entirely stopped playing online poker, I was a little burnt out and mostly just wanted to explore living poker free. I withdrew my role, took a couple of vacations, moved to Las Vegas, and basically just relaxed. Unfortunately, if poker has taught me anything, it's that I hate to waste free time. Lately, despite joining xtreme couture, I've found myself with a lot of free time and not a lot of ways to fill it, and thus my itch for poker has come back. I've decided I'd rather take a stake rather than deposit a meager amount to build up through micro's for two reasons. First, I feel it's a colossal waste of time and energy; micro's aren't the super easy quick stop they were even just a year ago and that combined with rake means I'd be spending far more time there then I'd like. Second, and more importantly, I am in the process of buying a condo in vegas. Nothing special, just a small condo to not waste money on rent. My realtor has told me that it's necessary to build up my bank account well and not have random unexplained purchases or withdrawls as those look bad to mortgage bankers.

What you can expect from me

*I am, and always have been, a very solid winner at NL100 and NL200. I'm certainly no rakeback pro.
*I have very consistent volume. I don't handle a bunch of tables very well and I found out very quick I simply can't endure the long hours of reaching supernova elite. What I can do is 50k hands a month, with all of them me being on my A game.
*Updates as you see fit. I was staked once before for a significant sum of money by someone on the site (won't name him out of respect) and I didn't update as much as he would have liked. It was a learning experience for me and I came to the realization that no matter what happens, so long as I let my backer know in a timely and forthright manner the situation will be resolved.

What you won't get from me

*Most importantly by far, I am not a tilt monkey. I have endured swings that many poker players only see in their nightmares, if you ptr me you will see a sudden dip around august of 09', that corresponds to a swing in which I ran 130 buyins below EV. What you won't see there is sudden jumps in my graph, I do not chase losses or play above my roll. You'll also notice I was able to work out of it.

What I expect of you

*I expect someone that will be willing to keep me in the games. As I mentioned before, I have endured some pretty awful swings and I know just how easy it is to lose huge chunks of your roll seemingly out of nowhere. I want a backer that will see this for what it is, and will help me to fight through it by keeping me in the games.

As I stated before, I was staked once before. The stake started out rough but my backer stuck with me and I was able to turn him a $10k profit after about 5 months of playing. I don't want to out who it was but if it's necessary to know I can talk to him and see if he's ok with discussing it.

Unfortunately, I reformatted my computer just a few days ago and I don't have my software right now. If you want to see how I perform at the games check my ptr, my sn is the same as it is here: KeanuReaver. Others that I have played with on this site can also attest to my skill as a player, I'm certainly not great by any means but I'm a creative, thinking, strategically sound player. If you're interested in staking me, please send me a pm.

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devon06atX   Canada. Apr 06 2011 21:10. Posts 5428

welcome back big guy. if i had the capital, i'd definitely stake you (i remember you from the past, good to see you around again). and that's saying a lot, as i've never staked anyone before.

regardless, hope you get set up quickly

whamm!   Albania. Apr 06 2011 22:45. Posts 11625

good player. id stake him if i wasnt looking for a stake myself lol

Uptown   . Apr 07 2011 01:03. Posts 3557

If I werent busto!

Half Pot! 

sniderstyle   United States. Apr 07 2011 02:18. Posts 2046

is anyone even in the market of staking people these days? 2 years ago everyone and their mother was getting a stake, now no one is

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Apr 07 2011 05:02. Posts 15133

if Neilly can get staked, everyone can :D

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Oly   United Kingdom. Apr 07 2011 05:06. Posts 3584

If I had the available roll for it I would snapcall this one - as good a staking opportunity as I have seen. If you still need a stake in a couple months PM me but I'm certain you'll have one well before that! gl getting it all sorted out...

p.s. You should really post your HEM in as much detail as you can to evidence that 130bi below EV. I would really want to see that, as well as have a dig through other bits and bobs to check you are indeed as profitable as I think and to check for evidence of tilt; but I guess you can do that privately.

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maryn   Poland. Apr 07 2011 08:10. Posts 1208

  On April 07 2011 00:03 Uptown wrote:
If I werent busto!

KeanuReaver   United States. Apr 08 2011 20:51. Posts 2022

got a deal guys, ty!

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