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R******** won

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bigbb33   Canada. May 30 2010 01:11. Posts 3679
This already happened but I haven't watched as I prefer to dl the next day and avoid crappy streams.

Picking: Rashad via decision, Diego loses, Bisping loses.

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they see me trollin, they hatinLast edit: 30/05/2010 02:37

Carthac   United States. May 30 2010 01:36. Posts 1343

What the fuck is wrong with you....

Thanks for completely spoiling it for those waiting to watch it tomorrow. You couldn't have chosen any different title?

Funktion   Australia. May 30 2010 01:49. Posts 1638

I watched the stream this time but it's a pretty big cunt move for those people who don't know the results to have this as your title.

blackjacki2   United States. May 30 2010 01:51. Posts 2343

lol, i already seen it but I would be pretty pissed off as well. How could you not realize you're spoiling this when you yourself are one of the people that prefer to watch it the next day

K40Cheddar   United States. May 30 2010 01:51. Posts 2194

fuck your mom man


Etherone   Canada. May 30 2010 02:00. Posts 753


PanoRaMa   United States. May 30 2010 02:02. Posts 1655

eh good thing i dont mind being spoiled all too much, but even if you were gonna spoil people at least let it be for a good thread. instead it was just a blatant spoiler and the OP was pretty much a middle finger to everyone else 

Loco   Canada. May 30 2010 02:33. Posts 20422

wtf dude

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

Raidern   Brasil. May 30 2010 02:38. Posts 4234

sorry but I had to edit the title of your post
there are people who will just download the event later

plz next time you post about the outcome of something that people care about, avoid expliciting it in the title

im a regular at nl5Last edit: 30/05/2010 02:40

KrappyKonnect   Canada. May 30 2010 02:50. Posts 1127

it was a boring ass fight he did them a favour


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