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Iron man 2

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TekxY   Mexico. May 02 2010 04:46. Posts 236
Just watched Iron Man 2 and i really liked that movie...When I was a kid, I always wanted to read all the comics from Marvel but for one thing or another never really start it, and lately i was thinking It's kinda late to start but today I decide to start reading some before sleep and well yeah im such a nerd lol.

About poker, in the last post i was worried about my red line and I guess I adjust some stuff i was doing really wrong, I'm limping less and raising more, being less passive, that stopped somehow the red line from keeping going down so bad, and other thing is that i was folding too much.

But to make the red line going really up i think i have to take down some kind of big pots by bluffing or so, but as I'm playing NL4 and taking shots at NL10 it seems really hard to find people who can fold when i need it

I guess I won't worry much about that for now and try to keep learning.

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Jhyun88   United States. May 02 2010 05:36. Posts 1383

dont try to do fancy bluffs in micros just do cbet/valuebet

mcjinzo   United States. May 02 2010 06:24. Posts 71

your money does NOT come from bluffing in micros. the simple answer is fish like to call so most of the times your strong hands get to showdown because they call you down = alot of showdown winnings when you dont have anything they still call and you should give up = negative non showdown winnings. worry more about getting value than getting folds.

D_smart_S   Bulgaria. May 02 2010 08:45. Posts 688

1-street bluffs only and c-bet on dry flops. vbet thin like 2nd pair on the riverr when u haven't taken even 1 street of value; same with TP semi-good kicker. gl!

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TekxY   Mexico. May 02 2010 14:34. Posts 236

thanks a lot for the feedback :D

Welcome to the desert... of the Real. 


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