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IN EUROPE.LOOKING for Friends for amsterdam.

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VeGeTTa89   United States. Dec 19 2009 07:03. Posts 104
I am IN EUROPE. Landed last week from the states. Currently in Frankfurt Germany. I am planning a trip to Amsterdam for new years and i was wondering if there was anyone here in a close by country/city who would like to come. Hit me up at my PMS. I will be checking them regularly and shit. It should be a blast, just trying to find enough people willing to maybe split gas or a hostel or some shit like that. Plus we dont know many people here in germany so it'd be nice to get a group thing going. Amsterdam should be insane on new years. hit me up plzz...

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fuck you  

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Dec 19 2009 07:30. Posts 6374

ban baal 


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