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Polyphasic Sleep

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battsmasta   United States. Sep 12 2009 15:40. Posts 90
Anybody ever tried doing this before..

Basically instead of sleeping my standard 8-12 hours a night, you break your sleep into 6 20-30 minute naps for a total of 2-3 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

I can't believe I've never heard of this until now, it sounds perfect for a poker player. You cut out all of the "wasted" sleep and just go straight into REM sleep during the naps. And while you're awake, apparently you are alert as ever.

One of the drawbacks though is that it takes a couple of weeks to convert to this way of sleeping, and you gotta have a pretty open schedule to do it. And basically while you are converting, you are a zombie.

I am seriously considering giving this a try, it would be pretty sweet having an extra 5 hours a day.

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frozenclaw   Canada. Sep 12 2009 15:50. Posts 6

Hmm, I heard that it takes 2-3 months to adapt to it fully and it'll feel like you've had 8 hours of sleep the old fashioned way.

OpWestAcct   United States. Sep 12 2009 16:05. Posts 640

Doubtful it takes that long. A guy did an article on it on if you want to find it. He tried it and he said he had a list of over 200 small jobs he wanted to accomplish because without it you will literally fall asleep standing up.

Fuck me 

handbanana21   United States. Sep 12 2009 16:05. Posts 3030

2-3 months is too much torture.

bane   United States. Sep 12 2009 16:11. Posts 2379

have a few friends that have tried this and went for a little then just crashed

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Sep 12 2009 16:20. Posts 8915

or you can just get some coke and give up on sleep all over, I mean fuck, sleep is perfect as we know it, why would you mess with something that works so good ?

battsmasta   United States. Sep 12 2009 16:27. Posts 90

i found that on TL, seems that the only reason people switch back after switching is because everyone else just sleeps monophasic

BIGlou83   United States. Sep 12 2009 16:44. Posts 305

Read an article in cardplayer where Elky said he tried it and it was just too hard after a coulple months. His was a 20 min sleep every 4 hours I think.

Just Living The Dream 

battsmasta   United States. Sep 12 2009 17:00. Posts 90

ah i found it..

"BG: I was playing more sit-and-gos when I got Supernova, because that's what gets the most FPPs [Frequent Player Points] at a time. So, when I got Supernova Elite, I was doing something very stupid, so it wasn't very profitable. I was trying to do that polyphasic sleep thing, where you sleep for 15 minutes every four hours. It's not very scientific; I'd just read about it someplace, and read that da Vinci did it. So, I did that, and the first few days were fine, but by the end, I was going crazy and couldn't take it anymore."

he was only doing 15 minutes every 4 hours, which is an 1:30 every 24, which is a sick small amount of sleep.

SpeedyJack   United States. Sep 12 2009 17:13. Posts 618

It's completely made up, this doesn't work, nobody is on it.

Svenman87   United States. Sep 12 2009 17:15. Posts 4636

I use to be on a polyphasic sleep schedule. Was a bitch to get on, but I ended up getting off because I'm back in school and can't plan my naps as well as I could over the summer.

But now I can nap for 30~ minutes and have really wicked vivid dreams and feel really good because my body is still able to kick into REM sleep quickly.

Svenman87   United States. Sep 12 2009 17:24. Posts 4636

I use to sleep for 3 hours and nap for 1 btw. Worked well, I ended up breaking it to Nap for 2, Nap for 2, Nap for 1 before I got off.

SakiSaki    Sweden. Sep 12 2009 17:31. Posts 9685

lol rhaegaraments

what wackass site is this nigga?  

barbieman   Sweden. Sep 12 2009 17:37. Posts 2132

It's not like rem sleep is the only necessary part of sleep. I know next to nothing about the human biology or what happens to us during sleep, but we need all phases and the rest that we get from sleeping.

But I agree, us humans need way to much sleep and food to function at 100%. If I've slept/eaten bad or irregular, I don't feel it or notice it, but my IQ and concentration drops. Especially the IQ is hard to notice, but when I'm doing math it becomes very obvious. The result is immediate and very concrete, I make silly mistakes and sometimes uses illogical roads to get a solution.

battsmasta   United States. Sep 12 2009 17:41. Posts 90

it's crazy how little science knows about sleep. all the info i've gotten have been from unofficial sources and bloggers and the such.

nevertheless i'm going to give this a shot starting tonight. what's the worse that could happen besides me failing

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Sep 12 2009 17:43. Posts 8915

and its also a bit absurd since a big reason of why you play poker is so you can sleep as much as you want whenever you want and makes life a bit more simple, why would you want to torture yourself. I mean I sleep like 10-11 hours when I dont go to school and still have more than enough time for poker, and if I played more id prolly loose a lot of money :/

CrownRoyal   Oman. Sep 12 2009 17:43. Posts 11367

im pretty sure polyphasic sleep is not healthy.


RaiZ   France. Sep 12 2009 19:20. Posts 1503

Probably not healthy and i think it could be even worse if you make efforts even for the smallest things.

Shin-il : Yeah it was very very very good for me too. Rekrul : YOU MOTHER FUCKING FUCKING SON OF A BITCH 


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