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for TJ.. a sad day.

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BigRed0000    United States. Jul 31 2009 00:08. Posts 3554
I got some pretty bad news the other day, a friend of mine from highschool who was one of the original regs in our h/s poker game was shot and killed over a bad drug deal. He was the originator of the nickname 'bigred' and one of the coolest guys to play with. RIP TJ Geredine.

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Syntax   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:09. Posts 4413

damn thats crazy
do you konw the details of the drug deal? what exactly happened, do you know? :/

wut wut wut 

BigRed0000    United States. Jul 31 2009 00:13. Posts 3554

No real details, just said on the news that him and a friend were selling drugs to a guy in a parking lot, somethign went wrong, and the guy shot them both. TJ died, and his friend went to the hospital. Cops have the guy who murdered him in custody now.

k2o4   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:24. Posts 4803

shit, that sucks 

YoMeR   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:31. Posts 12435

wow what the fuck?


eZ Life. 

terrybunny19240   United States. Jul 31 2009 01:21. Posts 13829

sorry to hear man

Uptown   . Jul 31 2009 09:33. Posts 3557


Half Pot! 


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