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Another 30K hand day, don't think I will make it

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Joeingram1   United States. Jul 30 2009 23:48. Posts 943
Last few days have been nuts for me, played 30k hands i think 3 days and 20k the other. Was back up to around 9.2k and then of course had a good -million buyin session and was just left demoralized as ever. Even more then when i lost 15k last month playing higher. I sat in bed sad for about an hour and then decided would still give it a shot to make 3.2k last 2 days. Today started off well first session about +1100. My high point for the day was around 1.9k and i was looking good but then of course I don't go to sleep and just keep playing.

This month

I mean 29 BI day is possible but I don't think with my mindset right now I can do it. I am going to sleep and give it my best shot but if my first session doesnt go wel tomorrow morning then I am just going to book some of my losing prop bets and call it a month. Earned about 12.5k from fpp/milestones alone so that plus the 7k I made so far is still pretty good.

I made alot of prop bets this month and I am still going to win a few so will actually only end up down around 2.5k-3k in props which I can deal with. I am very excited to get back to a normal life and plan on dating about 15 girls next month to take my mind off poker some. Or I will end up just playing more poker lol idk yet. Some of the comments in my 2+2 thread for me being #1 at nl100 are really funny. Some people hating but alot of really nice people/comments.

I guess in a way it is attention whoring but it does have its positives. The most important for me is the amount of action I will be able to get in future prop bets is made so +++++ev with graphs I post/my threads. Also people just enjoy reading about me swinging 30 BI daily and if I was in their position I would defintly enjoy seeing it also and follow it. idk if this makes sense but I cant really think to straight right now so lol

I guess some positives came out of this month. I figured out I still have my grinding ability and am going to get SuperNova Elite for sure and ship the 100k in bonuses which of course is good. I figured out I need to work on my game and the tilting/dumb fucking plays I make. And I did make like 15k+ so the month wasn't a total failure imo.

I hope they dont have double VPP week first week of august also because then I have to play 24 hours a day then as well

Will update tomorrow with a final month review and who the f knows, maybe I can win 29 BI tomorrow. Well see

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Bejamin1   Canada. Jul 31 2009 00:03. Posts 7042

Good luck dude. The hands you put in are just sick. Keep it going.

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

whamm!   Albania. Jul 31 2009 00:08. Posts 11625

i am jealous of ur fpps lolz! gj

NewbSaibot   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:25. Posts 4828

I feel like such a scrub not knowing who you are, you seem to be doing some incredible things which deserve a lot more notoriety. Good luck, and theres no shame in completing this prop like a weenie and just nitting it up (by your standards lol) to complete the final leg of this bet. 9.2k cmon! I know you make 8 BI's in like 5 minutes, but be patient and slowdown, give it like 30 minutes

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - Zalfor 

k2o4   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:28. Posts 4803

lol joe the mass grinding is pretty insane but it works for ya. way to go 

Bigbobm   United States. Jul 31 2009 00:30. Posts 5490

are both graphs supposed to be the same?

Its time to stop thinking like a bitch and think smart like a poker player - ket 

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Jul 31 2009 00:45. Posts 6374

  On July 30 2009 23:30 Bigbobm wrote:
are both graphs supposed to be the same?

yes, its metaphor to busting 50bis in one session and then goin on 50bis heater and ending up at the same point 200k hands later

ban baal 

TremendousGats   Canada. Jul 31 2009 00:45. Posts 467

hard work, discipline and dedication will pay off

How you want it, bars or bullets? 

whamm!   Albania. Jul 31 2009 01:11. Posts 11625

yo jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe!

SIG1   United States. Jul 31 2009 01:13. Posts 651

i want ur determination

terrybunny19240   United States. Jul 31 2009 01:26. Posts 13829

just ridiculous, lol, I love it.

yah I enjoy following your latest exploits ^^

BalloonFight   United States. Jul 31 2009 01:37. Posts 1380

really love your blog joe and I legit hope you win the bet. seem like a good guy and your focus/determination is to be admired. gl sir!

MasterofLaw   Sweden. Jul 31 2009 03:35. Posts 192

So sick...I can feel parts of me rotten and slowly die inside when I put in more than like 2-3k hands at once...sick

Uptown   . Jul 31 2009 09:30. Posts 3557



Half Pot! 


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