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bikini girl from american idol aka Katrina Darrell

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WhenICanIWill   United States. May 21 2009 23:20. Posts 473
this girl drives me craaaaaaaazy, she looked so fucking good last night even though they made an ass of her. found lots of pics, i cant even decide which ones to post so i'll just post them all

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 21 2009 23:35. Posts 9205

she s pretty nice

SfydjkLm   Belarus. May 21 2009 23:49. Posts 3810

the haircuts make em look hideous

*wink wink* 

FoolsPlay   Canada. May 22 2009 00:11. Posts 1335

lol wat she showed up on american idol in a bikini?......

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WhenICanIWill   United States. May 22 2009 00:13. Posts 473

  On May 21 2009 22:49 SfydjkLm wrote:
the haircuts make em look hideous

youre so negative, shes ultramegahot, just appreciate it instead of looking for flaws

DarkDevildog   United States. May 22 2009 00:45. Posts 1764

the last blog girl made me jizz in my pants

If she touches you 60% of the time, and is aggressive with her tits, you have it get it in before she crushes your nuts on the turn 

thewh00sel    United States. May 22 2009 00:48. Posts 2732

needs to keep her sunglasses on. looks like a more attractive version of lucy liu

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RS_II   United States. May 22 2009 00:57. Posts 748

A+ blog post, that chick is smoking hot

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killThemDonks   Canada. May 22 2009 01:27. Posts 2681

do not want -_-

killThemDonks   Canada. May 22 2009 01:28. Posts 2681


angryfishes   Australia. May 22 2009 01:31. Posts 410

post a pic of her with her new set of boobs

GirlsRVicious   United States. May 22 2009 03:37. Posts 1094

Green and white is hot the rest meh

LOL Live Pokerz 

nixxxbg   Bulgaria. May 22 2009 05:01. Posts 433

I didnt realize your blog is so +EV

thumbz555   United States. May 22 2009 05:27. Posts 3281

she looks like a slut.
I'd do her.

I click buttons. 

Yaffie   United Kingdom. May 22 2009 07:12. Posts 672

nice body. shame about the face

dj_syphon_p   United Kingdom. May 22 2009 10:07. Posts 8

Hottie Hottie Hottie thats all ive got to say

k2o4   United States. Jun 18 2009 18:46. Posts 4803

looks like she achieved her goal of getting guys who pretend to be girls in online poker forums to google her and spread her pictures around.

She's got a decent body but a weird face. If she wasn't slutted up you'd probably think very little of her. 


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