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User name FoolsPlay
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Joined Thursday, 9th of March 2006
Country Canada
Quote if you add tons of macro options and units and keep the old obligations like sending scvs to mine, pros will just focus less on micro which sucks imo -Floofy
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FoolsPlay 's Public Profile:
"if we made bw MORE SIMPLE than it is now, with like, less units, less spells, less abilities, and even more need of stupid repetitive stuff, sure nada would still own us, but i think his edge would be smaller and he would get beaten by lesser pro gamers more often

if at the opposite blizz went mad and made sc2 with like 10 abilities per units, 50 units types, tons of spells, etc and reduced the ammount of repetitive commands, i think he would be realllllllly good after he has mastered it" -Floofy

"im suggesting to make sc2 as hard as possible management side, but make the management require skill more than repetitive idioticy" -Floofy

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