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heater yay!!

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angryfishes   Australia. May 16 2009 22:29. Posts 410
after an epic 16k breakeven strech i get my well deserved heater! about time! love saturday NIGHT!

omg i just realised i played 16k hands in 2 days lol. 12 tabling 6max limit ftw

some notable hands if u nl players are interested in seeing what goes on in the world of min bet poker!! limit is all abt squeezing those extra vbets in.
77 vs preflop 3bet. the flop is paired, its unlikely he has a piece of it. his likley holdings are aj-ak kq kjs so i craise him for value and to protect my hand. he just calls and my assumption is correct. however some gd players wait for the turn to reraise if they are strong, with a read, u could fold to a turn reraise. i cbet the turn, he just calls and his hand is now face up. river is easiest vbet in the world and he pays me off.
blind defense hand. i hit mp with a gs and op to donk out and he rearises me. no point reraising here as my hand has sd value and plenty of outs. i make trips on the turn and craise him and he 3bets. i put him on a draw and cap. river is an easy vbet and he pays off with a draw and pair
he 3bets me and 1010 is a cap pre flop for me. flop comes k high i bet and he just calls. same thinking as hand1 and river is easiest valuebet
i make trips on flop, i slow play and just call, waiting to cr turn. on the turn comes the worse card in the world. no point rerasing here, im Way ahead way behind. i fold out worse hands and lose value and get value towned by better hands so i just call. my line induces him to bluff the river with a high.
i have lots of history with this guy, and he is very very spewy and donates to me every session. i make trips and a fd on the flop, and he reraises me on turn. since he just called pf, its impossible for him to have AK KK and very unlikely A9 A8. from expereince, he goes nuts with trips no kicker so his likely holding is ace2-6. having the fd makes it an easy cap on the turn vs this player. the river completes my flush and i elect cap it - and get max value from his ace10 which i was quite surpised to see. vs a normal tag i would have just called down the river.
his river donk doesnt make any sense and i just reraise him for max value
i had notes on this player as being very passive and make this sick fold getting 10bilion to 1 with the second nuts. HAND OF THE WEEK PLZ
standard fold

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SPEWTARD   Peru. May 16 2009 23:04. Posts 4303

no offense but i think that limit hold em sucks.

Rise and Shine 

SPEWTARD   Peru. May 16 2009 23:05. Posts 4303

congrats on the results obv.

Rise and Shine 

BalloonFight   United States. May 16 2009 23:59. Posts 1380

You should really switch to NL and make a lot more. Impressive hands tho and congrats on the session.

player999   Brasil. May 17 2009 01:14. Posts 7978

that AA laydown is awesome

Browsing through your hand histories makes me wonder that you might not be aware these games are possibly play money. Have you ever tried to cash out? - Kapol 

RICHI8   United States. May 17 2009 17:52. Posts 1341

good work buddy! and theres nothing wrong with LHE. It's a lot more exciting than NL imo.


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