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What reaction do you get from this?

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kantoiki   Australia. Apr 19 2009 10:08. Posts 3818
I suggest not watching it if you're feeling a bit down already...

I was shown this by a friend and whilst he didn't really get upset I felt quite a strong reaction to it.

My personal reaction went from curiosity at first to 'oh wait... no ... don't do it... oh good god...' and throughout and for a little while after felt quite upset. Not crying but just feelings of sadness I guess?

Wondering how each person feels/reacts when watching this video and why you think you react the way you do?

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RainyDay   Korea (South). Apr 19 2009 10:43. Posts 484

my reaction:
what the fuck are the people recording this doing just standing there and recording? (well I guess could have called the police and were too far away to do anything other then watch but still)
then I felt depressed, angry, depressed, angry ~ mainly because most of these people probably felt like they had the worst lives ever and they didn't feel able to continue, but on the other hand there are people all around the world who are actually in way worse situations but continue to endure and fight on

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d.Apollo   United Kingdom. Apr 19 2009 11:04. Posts 741


SmokingDough   Canada. Apr 19 2009 11:09. Posts 365

emos. not worh it man no mmatter how bad things are

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Apr 19 2009 11:25. Posts 8623

Well, if the game's no fun anymore you hit esc, right?

bane   United States. Apr 19 2009 11:40. Posts 2379

man its pretty weird to just watch someone do that i found myself saying no nononono stopppp. im glad that guy pulled that girl(?) up.

Ket    United Kingdom. Apr 19 2009 11:47. Posts 8635

im shocked how quickly those guys went down, cant imagine how much sadness they mustve been feeling to not even need to hesitate when theyre at the brink, their minds were totally made up there was barely any hesitation. i nearly shat myself when bungee jumping seemed like the most insane thing ever to stand on the edge of a tall drop and just lean your body over the edge, how can you not just freeze up and think 'oh shit can i rly do this' in their spot

edit: actually ignore that those parts were likely just edited out the video to fit more into the video and get them with like the timing of the chorus etc lol =[

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PokerDoc88   Australia. Apr 19 2009 12:14. Posts 3526

I feel sad but not nearly as sad as most people would while watching that video, I'm a pretty jaded individual.

kantoiki   Australia. Apr 19 2009 12:17. Posts 3818

Its made up of scenes from the documentary called 'The Bridge' that tells how individuals commit suicide at the Golden Gate bridge.. from what I've read on wikipedia they filmed under false pretenses and they called the authorities every time someone was about to jump but obviously it's extremely hard to get their on time.

Wikipedia page on The Bridge

Anyway, I think the responses so far are interesting, namely the differences as some of you guys definitely react in a similar way to how I did yet there are those who seem distant (in regards to purely the response)
When you watched the video, afterwards was it uncomfortable to feel those strong emotions, do you try to suppress anything in anyway?

edit: For those who say they don't feel as much as the next individual, is this because you're distancing yourself from the people that you're watching?

muckv - i have an iq of 180 and i want someone to teach me how to take a shit IN the toilet.Last edit: 19/04/2009 12:20

genjix   China. Apr 19 2009 12:35. Posts 2677

no feeling. i smiled a bit then ended up skipping vid to see more deaths

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collegesucks   United States. Apr 19 2009 12:46. Posts 5780

fck i watched this after my account got cleaned out and it's giving me ideas lol


collegesucks   United States. Apr 19 2009 12:47. Posts 5780

that was a morbid joke. i'm sorry if i concerned anyone haha


qwerty67890   New Zealand. Apr 19 2009 12:53. Posts 14026

someone should edit in Keyboard Cat after each jump

collegesucks   United States. Apr 19 2009 12:53. Posts 5780

  On April 19 2009 11:53 byrnesam wrote:
someone should edit in Keyboard Cat after each jump

LOL that's terrible


PplusAD   Germany. Apr 19 2009 13:26. Posts 7174

  On April 19 2009 11:53 byrnesam wrote:
someone should edit in Keyboard Cat after each jump

You sir win the Internet

again and again and again

Well to be honest at first i felt nothing.
Those emo bitches ... there are plenty of people in far worse situations who keep going every day !

But when that women jumped backwards i felt like : Wow , this is such an epic way to die

If i ever was in a situation were suicide would seem legit ( which i think will never happen to me since i am a fighter I would do exactly the same

100 times better than shooting innocent people at the schools !

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

lazymej   Canada. Apr 19 2009 18:23. Posts 2897

Man, that's really sad

I couldn't help but feel angry at the pedestrians who are just walking by on the path as these people climb over the railing, acting as if nothing is there. Fucking assholes have no sense of humanity. It made me happy to see that guy with the camera pull up the girl in the last one.

I also honestly think that all of you who call these people 'emo' and 'cowards taking the easy way out' are way too ignorant. You don't know these people, their circumstances or their mental states. You think it's an easy decision to just throw your life away as a shortcut?

Sure some people probably have it worse than people who commit suicide, but people are different. They react to things differently, they have different life values, etc. So saying shit like that is just retarded imo.

blackjacki2   United States. Apr 19 2009 18:38. Posts 2215

I'm not sure how I react to the people killing themselves. I watch over and over cause I try to find out more information about them that brought them to that point, but there is no information like that in the video so it's kind of pointless. Watching it so many times has made me really love the song though.

Yaffie   United Kingdom. Apr 19 2009 19:34. Posts 672

don't really feel much at all

it feels as real to me as when i watch anyone die in a movie

Achoo   Canada. May 27 2009 10:28. Posts 1454


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ortak   Bulgaria. May 27 2009 18:38. Posts 83

idiotic way to commit suicide find better?


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