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Amusing Thing @ Work Happened Earlier

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SpoR   United States. Mar 14 2009 05:38. Posts 1254
So last night I popped in the 'Cincinnati Kid' and fell asleep watching it about 70%.
So I decide to bring it to work and finish it in the downtime. I usually never do this.

After a few minutes, a customer walks in and notices I have a Dan Harrington book next to me. He says; "hey, is that a poker book?!", reaches his neck around to look at my screen; "You playing poker back there right now?" he asks. I tell him I'm defaultly watching C. Kid. He thinks that's awesome, and asks me which site I play on. I tell him Poker Stars, he exclaims that he does too. Next he asks me if I play for real money or play money. I tell of course I play for money. His wife then chimes in "oooh!" and he says "Wow, I only do play money".
Later as he leaves, he goes; "Too many flushes on stars huh?". Which had me confused as hell how to respond and was especially funny because I had checked my PT3 records the previous day and saw that the FullHouses, straights, flushes, trips, etc. were all in order.
lol donkey

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ZERG!Last edit: 14/03/2009 06:27

SpoR   United States. Mar 14 2009 05:40. Posts 1254

PS- Did anyone else get confused at the final scene and think The Kid had the flush showing and Clancy (or whatever his name was) had the 2 pair showing? Also what a shitty ending for a movie, lol. Funniest part was when the black kid finally beats him and rubs it in his face. Then his GF that just caught him cheating on him decides to make out with him outta no where. Which reminds me, how ironic is it that he's all uptight about his friend cheating but that guy's wife makes passes on him and he takes them. Then later she sneaks into his hotel room and bed while he's sleeping and he decides to fuck her. like lol wtf? OH yea and the read hillbilly's face for their card trick was lol. This movie's plot is pretty comical.

ZERG!Last edit: 14/03/2009 05:45

Point88   United States. Mar 14 2009 06:14. Posts 61

good story?
since you're such a high roller and all

SpoR   United States. Mar 14 2009 06:26. Posts 1254

I never said I was pro, It just seemed like the guy was asking questions to see if I was the random idiot playing play money (as is often the case when you meet people IRL who say they play poker).

Me to an aquaintance/party goer at a party; "Hey man do you know how to play poker? We're gonna start up a game, texas hold em."
"yea man I play online all the time!"; he replies. "What site?"; I say. "Myspace." he says.

ZERG!Last edit: 14/03/2009 06:28

SpasticInk   Sweden. Mar 14 2009 09:05. Posts 6298

he is right in every aspect. never played a network who feels so rigged

ConquistadoR   Germany. Mar 14 2009 11:19. Posts 1952

Hahahaha, "too many flushes on stars"



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