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amazing day today

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Night[Mare]   Mexico. Oct 06 2008 23:44. Posts 599

i guess im on a good swing. Sunday i played a NL 10 table and won 15$. I guess you could say i can play now NL 2 the right way huh?. I hope to reach 80$ so i can move to NL 4

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dcsscd hijo de pinos 

Night[Mare]   Mexico. Oct 06 2008 23:45. Posts 599

if anyone would like to trade money on titanpoker for money on PS dont hestitate!

dcsscd hijo de pinos 

geometryb   United States. Oct 07 2008 00:21. Posts 413

why are you moving to titanpoker?

terrybunny19240   United States. Oct 07 2008 00:21. Posts 13829

gl keep going
probably shouldn't play the nl10 table though

Night[Mare]   Mexico. Oct 07 2008 08:24. Posts 599


btw i wan to move from titanpoker to pokerstars

dcsscd hijo de pinos 

RaiZ   France. Oct 07 2008 09:15. Posts 1503

Wait why ? there are way more fishes on titan than ps...

Shin-il : Yeah it was very very very good for me too. Rekrul : YOU MOTHER FUCKING FUCKING SON OF A BITCH 

Darki   Peru. Oct 07 2008 09:42. Posts 687

stay at titan man or move to a site with good rakeback actualizado 2013!! 


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