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wcoop 10k action

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nutshot   United States. Sep 06 2008 23:29. Posts 4539

looking to either sell %'s or get staked for the 10k wcoop event tomorrow

if i'm getting staked the full amount, i will take pretty much any deal down to 80/20 w/ no makeup

if you'd like to buy pieces, it's $100 for 1%

going to bed now, leave pms or comments and i will respond in the morning if we have something going

OPR link:

thanks in advance,

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BJLTNYK: d00000000000000000000000000000000000000d 

nutshot   United States. Sep 06 2008 23:33. Posts 4539

also posting this on 2+2 marketplace fwiw

BJLTNYK: d00000000000000000000000000000000000000d 

ggplz   Sweden. Sep 07 2008 00:41. Posts 16624

im in for 1% if u like =]

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phexac   United States. Sep 07 2008 02:24. Posts 2563

meh that tourney is likely gona be way too tough for staking to be of any interest...

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Twisted    Netherlands. Sep 07 2008 05:48. Posts 10422

Also interested in buying like 3%.

phexac   United States. Sep 07 2008 11:09. Posts 2563

I'll buy piece of you in NLHE $1050 event tho if you are selling...

Nitting it up since 2006Last edit: 07/09/2008 11:09


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