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Full Tilt/Ring

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CirCa   Canada. Dec 09 2007 02:33. Posts 1249
I'm finished with both of these piles of shit

the thought of each of them puts me on tilt

i just banned myself from full tilt for 180 days (there was no life option) and i'm never playing full ring again

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lachlan   Australia. Dec 09 2007 02:36. Posts 6991

lol i hate tilt as well but full ring = best1

full ring 

tae-g   United States. Dec 09 2007 02:43. Posts 1782

wow. drastic measures!

Diagonals: oh hai guise wats goin on at this table 

vegable   United States. Dec 09 2007 02:57. Posts 2453

You'll regret that ban in 180 minutes son

Stir fry Normandy 

D_Zoo   Canada. Dec 09 2007 03:05. Posts 4013

i just got owned on 25nl on ftp
circa sweated me

You aint a poet ur just a drunk with a pen 

Verbloten   Australia. Dec 09 2007 03:35. Posts 1889

well if you busto then you won't regret it... but otherwise it would be funny if they didn't let you sign in to cash out!

Full ring on full tilt is meh - but FR is OK i like it!

Full tilt has rakeback therefore > pokerstars...

Loco   Canada. Dec 09 2007 06:11. Posts 20947

^pretty sure supernova is better than ftp rakeback especially if you play full ring

The medium is the message 


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