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Sacred Geometry 2

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Chase   Canada. Dec 07 2007 08:23. Posts 1077
Alot of folks were unimpressed by my last entry, understandably so. Yes, i know you can find patterns in anything, however, what i showed you yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg. If thats all that was in there, then yes, i would agree with you whole heartedly that it was bunk.

However this image contains ALOT more than that.

And again, I have to reiterate what i said at the beggining of my last post. This is not my belief structure! Im not claiming that this is fact, Im only showing you what Sacred Geometry has to say. Take of it what you will.

Anyways, as promised, today im gunna start showing you WHY Sacred Geometry was so important that all the religions based their symbols on it.

The reason they did was because metatrons cube contains all of the following: the proportions and orbits of the planets, the exact proportions of our bodies, the exact proportions seen in cell division of a human embryo, and also the structure of DNA.

Ill go through each of those, one by one.

I made some pics for this, my apologys that some of them are a little messy, im working with ms paint.

Anyways, for the most part I think I will just let the pics speak for themselves

Lets start with cell division:

And now the Human Body (pardon my crappy drawing):

Also, I didnt make it quite clear in my last post why the lines are in that formation. They are made by taking each of the 13 darker circles and connecting the centres of all of them, one by one. Anyways, the body:

Lets use Davinci's instead:

BTW, this is what DaVinci was trying to tell us with his work. Sacred Geometry is the REAL DaVinci code.

Now heres how Sacred Geometry maps the planets:

And the Moon:

This is how the Ancients figured out the locations of the planets and their orbits, and how they created their calender systems.

Ive been told that the Flower of Life can map EVERY planet in our solar system, however the two I showed you are the only ones Ive done the work and checked out for myself thus far. Ill update when i find more, or if anyone is inspired to do some of their own research, i would love to hear what you find.

This leads us closer to the answer of why the sun is 400x larger and 400x further away than the moon. According to this whole theory, since all things have to conform to sacred geometrical principles, planets are no different. Their sizes and orbits have been pre-determined by the underlying geometrical laws of reality.

the last one i said was in there, DNA:

Like i suggested in my hexagon post, Cymatics and Crop circles also can show us alot about our universe, and are both entirely based on Sacred Geometry. I already posted these, but they are just so darn good im gunna post em again for anyone who didnt see them

Just more examples of how intrinsic sacred geometry seems to be to our reality.

BTW, this was the big secret the Freemasons were hiding, which explains their symbol:

The Compass and Rule are the only tools you need to figure out anything in the universe, suposedly.

Hopefully things are becoming a little more clear now, and its no longer seems like just patterns in an arbitrary mess of lines. I reccomend you all look into this further with some of the extra links I provided in the comments of my last entry. My crappy, high school level explanations really dont do this subject justice.

In the meantime, here is the lecture from which im getting most of these ideas:
Malchezidek - Sacred Geometry presentation

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The72o   Zimbabwe. Dec 07 2007 08:29. Posts 6112

no offense, but i think you should visit a doctor ;d

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Cro)Deadman   Croatia. Dec 07 2007 08:35. Posts 3943

You need help,you have a compulsive opsessive tendancies,get help.

Metagame Purposes. 

PplusAD   Germany. Dec 07 2007 08:58. Posts 7176

I am not impressed by your performinz !

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz)Last edit: 07/12/2007 09:02

milkman   United States. Dec 07 2007 09:29. Posts 5719



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Syntax   United States. Dec 07 2007 10:59. Posts 4412

dude you guys are tripping...
for once people should be open minded about things outside their box. grrrr

hmm the compus and the ruler
the free mason sign ~_~

oh noes

wut wut wut 

Arcias   Canada. Dec 07 2007 11:06. Posts 26

An interesting read if nothing else.

nia   Germany. Dec 07 2007 11:25. Posts 7

well, you might not follow me completely, but it's always worth to bring some light into the darkness,
here are some things wrong with these theories:
* they take a very complex geometric structure with many regularities (the metatron cube)
* they use arbitrary images showing arbitrary things from arbitrary angles
* they map these things approximately onto an arbitrary regularity in the cube

There are a number of reasons why this works:
* first, the sheer number of combinatorial possibilities, of images, image angles, and structures in the cube (read: chance)
* second, the fact that nature IS structured. Some structure comes from evolutionary optimization (like how a hexagon in the bees nest is the optimal stackable form, if you want to fit cylinders inside), some from the organization of growing an organism
* third, mathematics. Some of the geometric matches are just solutions to mathematical equations. Same way you wouldn't find it odd that 0,01x100 = 1 (ZOMG the first number looks just like the second number backwards!)

People are prone to these theories because we do not like chance. Believing in structure is how we learn, we categorize and find symmetries. But I hoped playing poker would help with that ... :-)

 Last edit: 07/12/2007 11:31

nia   Germany. Dec 07 2007 11:31. Posts 7

So the scientific way of proving anything with this theory is trying to predict something, and then see if it is true (like, try predicting if and where we will find new planets in our system). Science predicts the beams of the sun are deflected by gravity, and it is then observed decades later.
You are using the religious way, making up a unspecific and sometimes contradicting theory and then matching all you observe to this theory. Trust me, this way you could explain the world with Roman Mythology, and many other could stories.

SolarMusic   Germany. Dec 07 2007 13:56. Posts 1218

i could paint any kinds of animals in your strange circle pictures....its nothing special since there are 1000 of points you can connect with each other.....
you could as well take any other geometrical figures than circles since they also can produce 1000s of different points....

this is complete nonsense to me

vegable   United States. Dec 07 2007 14:30. Posts 2453

This is a very different and interesting blog entry. I've never even realized this existed.

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