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Same shit, different day.

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lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 04 2007 14:02. Posts 305
August started off not good so far for me. I had a really bad short term spree at $200NL which made me move back to $100NL again which was a bummer. Not a huge deal, it happens. But I ran my roll a little thin so if I run bad at all at $100NL I may move down to $50NL.

I keep telling myself its all about grinding it out, so I'm trying to learn to 12 table right now. I've also became pretty passive with my roll requirements. I'm moving down at 40buyins for the last level and up at 40 for the next, which is unlike me but whatever. But I mean, its no bigs. If I can pull a good roll for 2/4 by the end of the year I'll be pleased with myself. If not, okay no big deal.

I've been discussing a lot of "out there" theories with Pawel lately and thats been pretty good. I really feel like the kiddo respects my game and obv I have a ton of respect for his. The thing I love about it though is he likes to play a low variance game while I like to play a high variance game and it makes for seeing both sides of the coin easy and interesting.

I've also been talkin to Moloch a lot. That kid is solid. I haven't thrown a HH past him yet where he's woke up with the wrong answer. Oh well, adaware shipped his roll away so hes busto now. [[RUMORZZ LOL]]

Alright, thats about it. I've been posting on LP a bunch lately and browsing 2p2 but for some reason have been avoiding CR.

Golf sidenote: My swing is still terrible but Greg has been helping me a ton. I left my driver in my buddies car so I won't be able to hit the range this weekend since I have 1.) no car and 2.) No clubs. I need to get my new bertha and odyssey ordered since I'll be playing Kayak here in a couple weeks for the first time in 8 years! I'm juiced!

One thing I want to rant about: This PokerEV shit has to be just about the most annoying shit ever. Every fucking knob job wants to post pictures of their graph "OMG I TOOK SO MANY BEATS" shut the fuck up and grind it out no one fucking cares. Badbeat stories, NO ONE CARES.

Alright, peace out. Here is my sick 12 table setup if anyone cares, holla.

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ggplz   Sweden. Aug 04 2007 14:53. Posts 16784

are those tables resized? looks like it

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 

Trey   United States. Aug 04 2007 15:02. Posts 5616

What monitors you got? 204bs?

lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 04 2007 15:02. Posts 305

not ballar if resized?

two dell 20.1"s


iandeezy   United States. Aug 04 2007 19:01. Posts 317

Perhaps the reason why you're experiencing a "downswing" is because you're spreading your concentration out across too many tables.

You call is all ova baby 

lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 05 2007 15:20. Posts 305

What makes you think I'm on a downswing? I don't consider it a downswing unless I've been losing for a month over 40-50k hands.



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