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lol discipline yo

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Moloch   United States. Jul 29 2007 21:37. Posts 6144
Right, so I was planning to start my foray tomorrow and take a day off today, but I was too bored so I decided to throw in a few hands since it's Sunday and lots of 5/10 games going right now.

+2.3k in 332 hands, now I'll take the day off. Good discipline.

Only one interesting hand, really:

The villian in this hand is 26/15/2.16. I only played with him a few times a while ago on 3/6 when he would sit alone on FR tables and I'd play him heads up. My feel for him was that he was not so much nitty as just kind of passive and very uncreative, almost to a donkish extent. However he's playing 5/10 6-max now so it'd probably be safe to assume that he improved some; during the hand I wasn't thinking too much, but after the hand it occurred to me that maybe it would have been better to shove the turn rather than flatcall, since I honestly had no idea if he shoved the river whether or not I'd call. I mean he obviously shoves if he has AT, but apparently he's not shoving QT so after having seen this hand I should fold to a river shove in this situation next time, but obviously I didn't know he'd c/f the river with QT at the time. Ace is a bad turn card to bluff on but I'm not sure that he knows that. Maybe I should've just shoved the turn and try to get a call out of JT/QJ rather than call him down and hope he fires the rest of his money on a bluff, just seems like I have too many retarded ass river decisions. I mean, if he's smart he'll call a turn shove with JT/QJ fairly often since most of the time my line is a bluff if I shove the turn, but I have no idea whether or not he'll be thinking on that level. I dunno. Guess I shoulda just 3-bet/call the flop and make the entire hand easier.

Anyway yeah, gonna chill and start back up tomorrow.

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nolan   Ireland. Jul 29 2007 22:48. Posts 6205

it's probably bad but i shove that turn a high % of the time

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