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Running bad

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Bytewalker   Canada. May 03 2007 23:43. Posts 786
Today I played horrible and had one of my worst swings ever at $25NL, down $80 over 3k hands I ran pretty bad but mostly I'm frustrated cause I feel I'm not playing my best, but honestly there a few crazy suckouts but I made a few too. FUCK! Ever time I run bad it messes with me, pisses me off and makes me kinda hate poker haha. I haven't been playing much either so tomorrow I'm gonna try to pull a crazy long session and if it doesn't work out fuck it I'm gonna get a job like I said when I made this blog.

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Loco   Canada. May 03 2007 23:49. Posts 20947

is this a late aprils fool? down 3 buy ins over 3k hands is your worst swing ever ? WOW.........

The medium is the message 

Tycho   Netherlands. May 04 2007 03:08. Posts 1553

move up to nl50, it's just as easy as nl25

Poker is fun. 

Trapstar87   United States. May 04 2007 03:51. Posts 536

sounds like me, ran from 25$-80$, today i ran down to 40$, lost 8 buyins on microstakes. ffs, got sucked out on everytime, when my money went in , each tiem 75-25% favorite according to LP. shitty luck, deal with it, your complaining, I'm not. I'd kill for 1% of your bankroll, man. somedays you run bad, some you run good, i guess. deal with it, suck it up, and GL running better tomorrow~

Bytewalker   Canada. May 05 2007 02:48. Posts 786

haha, actually i guess it was worse than i said, $80 that day but the 2 days (5k or so hands) were about -40 together too, so overall it was like a 6 buyin downswing


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