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FUck poker

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BeMannerPenner   . Apr 14 2007 13:02. Posts 1030
So i start a blog. this will be very boring to any one reading it so jsut ignore it. i will just use it to keep track of my bullshit sessions and to release steam .

sum up of the last week :

start with ~1,8k get beaten down to 1,3k in 3 days by morons.3 times set overset 200bb+deep. countless shortstack pushes which ALWAYS hit(a6o > my AK, j9o > QQ etc). get no action with good stuff and when we get action were beat or will lose .

get it back to 1,5k. lose 300 $ in 400nds to morons.

play nl25 2 days ago. lose 6 buyins in 2k hands.

play nl25 /trnys yesterday. tourneys: bust on bubble AKs vs A3o(idiot luckbox deepstack pushes over my raise...) bust 5 to ft bubble AQ vs AJ, bust rebuy after break AA vs KK.
lose 4 buyins playing nl25. idiots > me

today play 500 hands nl25. lose 4 buyins . flopped flush with 45hearts lose vs idiot that calls raises and pot bet with top pair and the Th and rivers me.

idiot limpcalls Ah8h. raise KhQh. flop 2 hearts Q. turn heart.nuts vs 2nd nuts. ya.

raise JJ. flop 2suited 89T.he bets 1,5 pot i push for his 75bb. 2 running hearts give his KT the flush. i lose.

KK runs into set.

set loses to a weak flushdraw.

no action on my good hand other then that. down to 870$ fuck you stars. i dropped over 60% of my br in 1 week to total faggots. AGAIN. i think i lost only ~150$ or so against decent players.

i lost 600$ straight in situations i was at least 3:1 favourite.

i hate this fucking bullshit. i hate it i hate it i hate evry fucking idiot fish.i hate stars i hate cards i hate evryone that plays like a brainless monkey and wins.

u luv me cause i give the fish the money they lose to u guys.

i dont get pt says ~7-8ptbb at nl25 over several 10k hands. now even those morons win aainst me ? luck is a fucking bitch . and i hate evryone that is lucky as hell. when i read of 15buyins in 1k hands heaters i get sick. i NEVER had something like that. all i can do is lose constantly beeing favourite. whatever. i need to brake sumthing now

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auffenpuffer   Finland. Apr 14 2007 13:33. Posts 1429

I was doing quite well at nl25 too for like 10k hands. Then something happened and now I am at nl5 wondering what that something was. (btw Iam starting to suspect it was shit playing ^^). Anyways glgl

BeMannerPenner   . Apr 14 2007 13:42. Posts 1030

problem is i dont lose to ppl that are better then me. i lose to ppl that call pot bets with nuttn but a oesd on a paired board to bust my trips on the river

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ChoboPokeR_r   Germany. Apr 14 2007 13:45. Posts 4598

--- Nuked ---

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had? 

redrain0125   Canada. Apr 14 2007 13:56. Posts 5451

this blog is boring because i can relate

BeMannerPenner   . Apr 14 2007 13:57. Posts 1030

and? if this isnt on nl50 or lowr thats nothing THAT special. im getting beat whenever i sit down. all those ppl that usually pay evryone off big time and spew their chips away hit evrytime against me. as said. shortstacking idiots and total donks n stations kill me cause the cards hate me.

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BeMannerPenner   . Apr 14 2007 13:57. Posts 1030

im getting longterm lucked away -_-;

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BeMannerPenner   . Apr 14 2007 14:00. Posts 1030

  On April 14 2007 12:56 redrain0125 wrote:
this blog is boring because i can relate

really? have a similar story? pls tell me. maybed i wont be that fuckn pissed if i see another one running like that for such a long time.

but all those guys i talked to never had anything even close to this. most just come and tell me "lolz u noob u suck" and when i show them the hands they admit it wasnt my fault for losing again 5buyins in 400 hands.

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PokerDoc88   Australia. Apr 14 2007 14:05. Posts 3526

i feel your pain

when i drop more than 8bi i just take a break for a week from poker. playing with an expectation to win is a bad thing, it gets you into trouble

AleKSei   Mexico. Apr 14 2007 16:14. Posts 1261

  On April 14 2007 13:05 PokerDoc88 wrote:
i feel your pain

when i drop more than 8bi i just take a break for a week from poker. playing with an expectation to win is a bad thing, it gets you into trouble

I feel this very deep.

TimDawg: wtf are you doing sitting at 5kNL? gives me alone time to think about the world. 

YoMeR   United States. Apr 14 2007 18:16. Posts 12369

ship it.

ship it like i ship it baby.

eZ Life. 

sTrAtO   Mexico. Apr 14 2007 20:37. Posts 5881

should be FUCK ONLINE POKER cause live poker doesn't give you fucking runner runner 1 every 3 hands you play -_-

-Karla:Mira, tu película! -Yo: cuál? -Karla: Big Fish! jaja 

Fayth    Canada. Apr 14 2007 21:40. Posts 10080

  On April 14 2007 12:45 ChoboPokeR_r wrote:
lol ur beats are nothing!

I lost a $500 pot quad kings vs quad aces.

oh really, without any bankroll management right

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 

whamm!   Albania. Apr 15 2007 00:01. Posts 11625

well hearing about bad runs does make me feel better about mine. ran good 2 days then 3rd all setups, but i dont worry about it now. i think some people just are "winning" players by nature, may it be luck or favorable style of play, ive accepted that after a year of playing, getting absolutely nothing out of this(even losing some), poker is not for everyone really. but since i enjoy it so much, im playing this through. on the brighter side, maybe some just take longer to be winning players that's all. cheer up. there's more like us than there are them. lol

just keep playing live poker though to keep the monies flowing

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