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Back into poker and litecoin

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El_Tanque   United States. Aug 13 2017 07:24. Posts 360
It's been a long, long time. I've followed this site for like, 10 years man. Damn. Once online poker became impossible for an American to play, I gave up, focused on school, graduated high school (I totally lied about my age when I was 17 to play online haha) graduated college, got an "adult" job, and now I'm married. Just need a kid in my life to basically complete everything I thought being an adult consisted of. Well, I guess I could buy a house...not sure if that counts or not in the adult category since the gal I married already bought one and I moved in with her.

Anyway... I was playing some recreational baseball when a teammate of mine told me about an underground poker game in my town. I was interested...but I had never really played 1/2 live before. I mean sure, I had gone to Vegas and got lucky, but that was more as a leisurely "I brought $300 to gamble so I'm going to sit here and play poker". I got fucking lucky that night. Looking back with what I know now...SHIT. I was a dumbass.

God I ramble. I hate writing. This is a deep look into the brain of someone with ADD.

Back to the two reasons I decided to blog tonight: Getting back into poker and Litecoin.

Poker: So, heard of a live 1/2/5 game (five to get in, which I don't understand, but whatever. It raises the size of the pots.) I was nervous at first, played very tight, but these guys are ffffffiiiiiiisssssshhhhhh along with two other types of players: those that are good and know how to play and those that know how to play, and that's really it. They don't think beyond their cards and gut feelings for the most part. This last group of folks is the same group that shows up in hoodies and sunglasses at 10 pm and play for hours on end. Kind of funny.

All that being said, I've been highly successful. The most I've lost in a session is about $400, or just over a buy-in (you can buy in from $100 to $600; I buy in at $300 which is typical for most that go there.) Three times I've walked away up over a grand profit.

But I won't lie, I have 0 bankroll management right now. Everytime I go, I know I'd be fine if I lost everything I brought with me, but up until this point, I know that in the back of my mind, I hear my life goals screaming that this probably isn't the best idea.

What typically ends up happening is I have about $500 that I don't need. I would truly be fine without it. But it'd be real nice to have. So I play poker.

Here's what I continue to turn $500 investments into: I've paid off my school loan; I paid cash for my wife's 1.54 tct (1.16 ct center stone) engagement ring; I bought a kayak; among a few other purchases...

I've been doing this for about a year now. I just kinda show up whenever I want, play for 3-6 hours, win a few pots, leave. I'm happy and content if I've broken even.

All this to say that when the wife was concerned about how to save for a bigger house, new car when that time comes, raising a child, paying for said child's vehicle and car, maintaining an aggressive weekly deposit into our savings AND not decreasing the amount we're putting into our 401(k), I asked her to let me take $3,000 out of our savings and invest it into my bankroll. Whatever I win, I put towards us one day. I told her (half jokingly, half not, and half I knew she wouldn't understand any of this and was more susceptible to agreeing) that we should aim for a yearly increase of 7%, since we've read that is the average rate invested money climbs per year. (That would mean I have one year to win like $230 haha.)

The room(s) that I've been introduced to in this area are kick ass. To the legal room, it's about 100 miles, making these illegal rooms that much more enticing. They have a waitress that serves free home-cooked meals; they have all the free alcohol you could want, and if they don't have it, they'll get it for you; they have a wide assortment of other drinks (gatorade, starbucks, water...whatever you want); there are premium sports on all of the large monitors; there's a bad beat jackpot that at one point was over 16K; they have crazy bonuses like 777 on the flop wins that table 10% of the bad beat; they offer a new player's crazy.

More on this to come.

Litecoin: Does anyone mine Litecoin? I'm trying to get into this as a hobbyist. I just want to try and mine until I get 1 Litecoin, just to say I did it...

I don't know if I'm doing it right. I'm hoping to find someone to help me. I have a NVIDIA GPU (but I think I also would like to run a CPU since I believe mine is strong enough); I downloaded a wallet; I downloaded coin miner, and I've created an acct on Criptocoin...

I don't know how to hook up my miner to Criptocoin, and I'm not sure that the miner is doing anything right now, although it's connected to ""...does that mean I'm mining right now? I keep seeing "Pool 0 difficulty changed to XXXX.XXXXXX" and the next line reads "Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart" which makes me think I'm not doing it right. For reference, I did this.

I hope you enjoyed my mindless ramblings. Hopefully I'll be back soon with a Litecoin and no warrants for my arrest.

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def_jammer   Germany. Aug 13 2017 08:58. Posts 1227

GPU mining is dead for litecoin don't even think about CPU mining lol. Also why litecoin and please dont say because its cheaper than bitcoin. Try another coin or better just skip mining altogether and avoid the hassle by buying. If you dont want to learn about building multi gpu rigs, chip design or have free electricity there is little to gain from mining.

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PoorUser    United States. Aug 13 2017 10:02. Posts 7453

Welcome back to an L.P. legend. Bring your beer pong table to the next L.P. gathering in 2030.

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El_Tanque   United States. Aug 13 2017 15:08. Posts 360

I am remembered!!! But is that surprising from a poker player?

I thought about talking about that... the 2009 trip to Vegas for the WSOP... greatness. I brought my newly-constructed beer pong table and that was the first action it had ever seen. I end up asking this young as hell looking dude if he wants to play beer pong with me. He says yes, we win a few games, and I go back to my buddy who was at the party and he says, "dude, you just played beer pong with durrrr". Crazy fun night for a 21-year-old who hadn't really done anything outside of .25/.50. Sadly the beer pong table was destroyed in college.

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El_Tanque   United States. Aug 13 2017 15:18. Posts 360

Thanks for the insight, def_jammer. These are things that I haven't been able to find out anywhere.

Why Litecoin? Well, it felt like I had everything required to mine, and that the price would be going up/it felt this was the best coin to invest in due to market cap. But I'm not the most savvy financial guy, either.

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Nitewin   United States. Aug 13 2017 17:05. Posts 1536

I'm interested in mining too, know nothing right now. I like your attitude and joy for poker. That's one of the key traits to winning. A lot of grinders get burnt out and frustrated, then they lose.

def_jammer   Germany. Aug 13 2017 18:30. Posts 1227

  On August 13 2017 14:18 El_Tanque wrote:
Thanks for the insight, def_jammer. These are things that I haven't been able to find out anywhere.

Why Litecoin? Well, it felt like I had everything required to mine, and that the price would be going up/it felt this was the best coin to invest in due to market cap. But I'm not the most savvy financial guy, either.

There is a reason why the marketcap is where it is though. If you really want to mine with your GPU maybe find out how many hashes your gpu can get and then check a site like this which lets you calculate the profitability given electricity costs for various coins. Definitely spend some more time trying to find out what you're getting into as there are a lot of choices and depending on the size of your investment also how to store it properly.

drone666   Brasil. Aug 15 2017 10:16. Posts 1809

use this website instead of mining random coins:

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