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HaiVan   Bulgaria. Nov 27 2015 23:49. Posts 2083
Hey guys,

So I have to travel to Manila for work in early December (two week stay).

I would appreciate any tips in regards to where to stay, what to eat, what to see, what to avoid etc.

Should I get vaccinated for anything (read conflicting information so far), is the current situation in the country stable?

Basically if you've been there or live in the Philippines share some knowledge with me

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Poker chobo. 

jvilla777   Australia. Nov 28 2015 00:27. Posts 1345

Spend most of your free time at The Mall of Asia.

longple: ur missing the point! this is an attempt to get away from the bumhuntmentality! 

Smuft   Canada. Nov 28 2015 00:30. Posts 627

Spent a fair bit of time in Manila over the last year

Avoid the water (buy bottled even at restaurants, beware ice cubes, unless its a nice place), every foreigner who is in Manila for 2weeks+ gets sick, if you do get sick (diarhea, stomach aches, etc) go to a local pharmacy and tell them, they are used to it and have some high powered medicine that'll get you regular again in 24-48 hours

People are nice but they are broke, they will take advantage of noob foreigners if given the chance, keep your chip and valuables well concealed

Traffic in this country is the sickest I've ever seen, try to arrive at the airport between 9pm-4am or on sunday, during rush hour you will spend 30minutes+ just leaving the airport parking lot and 2h+ to reach makati or fort

ripe mango shakes are the nuts, all the tropical fruit in this country is pretty much the best you can get

Stay in:

Makati: Greenbelt area, Rockwell area, Gramercy or one of its surrounding buildings are also okay

Fort Bonifacio: anywhere, this is a rich area that's as nice and beautified as any 1st world country

Pasay: There is a city of dreams which is a casino attached to 3 hotels, there's a PS run poker room there and if you intend to play there a bit you can stay at nobu hotel for ~120 / night

Have fun in:

Valkyrie: best club in Manila and one of the better ones I've seen in my travels, prices are reasonable (as these places go), reserve ahead if you want a table

Burgos St.: dirty stripper/hooker bars everywhere, this is the asshole of south east asia, enter at your own risk

City of Dreams: this is in Pasay, about 20 minutes from makati when there is no traffic, ontop of the PS run poker room, there is 5-10 restaurants, a night club that gets a bit of action on weekends, and Mall of Asia is down the street

If you have any other questions I can try to answer, for tourist stuff, just google

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whamm!   Albania. Nov 29 2015 03:26. Posts 11625

lots of brazilian models staying in manila. i just dunno where exactly though

HaiVan   Bulgaria. Nov 29 2015 22:34. Posts 2083

Smuft, you're the real MVP

Nobu looks good, i'm looking at 220 usd a night for the dates I need though.

I still don't know where exactly the office will be, but I guess it will be in Makati.

I think I'll avoid eating most street food, ripe mango shakes sound delicious though, want to try as many local fruits as possible.

What are the most common stakes that run in the PS room (I don't think I'll want to play higher than 100 Euro NL if I have time to play at all, so that will be like 25-50 PhP I guess)?

Getting there on a Sunday sounds smart (read some more about Manila traffic).

whamm! with the crucial tip , thanks guys, I'll probably know all the logistics tomorrow and will definitely take some things into consideration.


Poker chobo. 

ClouD87   Italy. Nov 30 2015 01:43. Posts 523

Can't wait to go there aswell, Manila has everything a poker player would want


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