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Random Life Update

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Svenman87   United States. Jun 19 2015 00:55. Posts 4636
Hey LP - long time no see hope all is well here are a few random things I've been up to lately.

I'm still currently work 3rd shift on our tech team for a big bank however I've began to interview for a few different sales positions within the bank; currently in my 3rd round of interviews for a Sales Analyst position which would eventually lead to a Sales Consultant role which has a nice compensation package that would bring the overall salary up to about 120-150 depending on performance ofc. The other job I'm interviewing for is a Financial Advisor - which would be EXTREMELY tough for the first three years as you build your business (generally only about 30% of FA's make it past the first few years - 50% are weeded out within the first 6 months) However after those first few years of long hours and hard work things would eventually get easier and more lucrative as you build your book of business and the nice thing for this position is the commission would not be capped, so it's all on how hard you really want to work with comp ranging from 25k (probably would be let go relatively quickly with those numbers) all the way past a million a year for the top performers.

I recently moved into a new (old) house with my gf - loving it, however with both of the job positions it'd mean I'd be relocating which would suck to deal with that and move AGAIN within a month or so. Seriously fuck moving, I never knew I had so much shit.

I have unfortunately fallen off the working out + eating well routine and am pretty much starting over as of a few weeks ago. Where I was about 275 at the start of June two years ago, I'm starting at about 245~250 this time around. The biggest factor is time to go, working third shift started off as easy but it has really dragged on my health over the past few years - so the sooner I can get out the better.

I still play live 3-4x a month - I generally stick to the 6/12 limit or the new 10/20 limit game - and very rarely during the year I've freerolled up to the 20/40 game when the right players are in the game.

I also recently tossed a bit of coin back online with ACR for some fun (wow it's been so long since I've played online - such a great feeling!) I'll be looking to withdraw the amount I've deposited within the next few days as I'd rather not be burned later. So at least now what's left is fun money and I know the system works :D

tl;dr life is good :D

Take care LP <3

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devon06atX   Canada. Jun 19 2015 01:22. Posts 5458

Good stuff sir! Best of luck w/ the rest of the job interviews and all that jazz.

Your flannel pic makes me think of ISIS

PuertoRican   United States. Jun 19 2015 02:31. Posts 13014

Welcome back~

Your dog is cute.

Rekrul is a newb 

nolan   Ireland. Jun 19 2015 03:52. Posts 6205

sven -

you and your gf are a beautiful couple.

if it's not too tacky to ask, how tall are you ? i'm guessing 6'3 or something. at 250 you wear it well in that photo if you're not already pretty tall.

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Svenman87   United States. Jun 19 2015 04:56. Posts 4636

Thanks guys :D

Devon06atX - ha yeah I've gotten that a few times - probably good I don't have to do much flying for my current job.

Nolan - Hey sir long time! Hope all is well! I'm about 6'1'' however that picture is about 9 months old when I was still at least eating OK. Then winter hit and I decided pizza is a great meal - for every meal when you're to tired to get up to actually make something healthy.

ClouD87   Italy. Jun 21 2015 11:25. Posts 524

My first dog was also a Shar Pei and she was the best I ever had. Great choice

iop   Sweden. Jun 22 2015 12:08. Posts 4951

Nice update. Totally agree, moving sucks donkey balls.

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealth 

ggplz   Sweden. Jun 23 2015 02:04. Posts 16784

Nice to hear you're doing well, wp.

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