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Back to poker for the new year

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Bullshit   Canada. Dec 31 2014 04:07. Posts 738
From late 2012 to mid 2014 I pretty much didn't play poker. I Started again playing causally in July and went on a trip to Europe with friends starting from Amsterdam and ending up in Barcelona. I decided to play the EPT Barcelona main while there and made it to day 3 with a big stack and punted it off trying to chip up during the bubble . I got back to Canada after a month in Europe and started playing online again but was pretty rusty and out of touch since I haven't played in a while. When I played online there was no zoom so it took me a while to adjust starting off at 1/2 zoom but it was just like riding a bike and quickly started 4 tabling 2/5 zoom without much problem. I also won a couple tournies for 30-40k but havent played much this december so pretty much all my volume are from nov-sept. I don't really know whats gonna happen to poker so I've come back to take what I can and hopefully I can stay motivated in the new year put in a lot of volume and maybe keeping a blog will help with that.

I don't have any goals other than just putting in a lot of volume and hopefully the results will show

GL to you all in the new year

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Gnarly   United States. Dec 31 2014 04:44. Posts 1723

i call bullshit

Diversify or fossilize! 

Highcard   Canada. Dec 31 2014 04:57. Posts 5428

5 star, would view graph again

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

TianYuan    Korea (South). Dec 31 2014 08:49. Posts 6810

Didn't know Python817 was you, but always liked how you played.

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

casinocasino   Canada. Dec 31 2014 09:33. Posts 3343

Learned a lot from your game, thanks for sharing some advice with me.

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Jamie217   Canada. Dec 31 2014 09:50. Posts 4351


devon06atX   Canada. Dec 31 2014 11:14. Posts 5432

  On December 31 2014 08:50 Jamie217 wrote:

haha this is just evil

gl man

Eluflop   Estonia. Jan 01 2015 05:25. Posts 3835

wow, what an amazing graph, gl & keep it up !

Bejamin1   Canada. Jan 01 2015 14:35. Posts 7042

That's impressive . Keep it going.

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

Fujikura   United States. Jan 03 2015 01:07. Posts 1795

gl Li, good to see you back buddy :D

aka SouL)Z(Isadie and SouL)P(Fujikura 

skytrain   Canada. Jan 03 2015 17:51. Posts 8


Hola! aprendiendo espanol 


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