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Help me find an article.

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SpasticInk   Sweden. Nov 16 2013 18:57. Posts 6298
For some reason I just can't get ahold of this document through my university despite being logged in and everything. I just need to check a few things before using it as a source.

The article is called

Effects of Different Brain Lesions on Card Sorting
The Role of the Frontal Lobes (1963)

by Brenda Milner


If someone could get ahold of it and send to I would be pleased.

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2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 17 2013 10:40. Posts 1387

my university's library system didn't find anything


SpasticInk   Sweden. Nov 17 2013 11:34. Posts 6298

  On November 17 2013 09:40 2c0ntent wrote:
my university's library system didn't find anything

Ok. Thanks for trying

Graisseux   Canada. Nov 17 2013 20:30. Posts 474

Doesn't work for me either. It pops an empty pdf.

It's an article from 1963 though, so could it just be not available online? They often only bother to digitalize the abstract on pre-1990ish papers.


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