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Ultimate poker sucks

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liedarkhorse   . Jun 13 2013 14:10. Posts 33
there is like 50 people total on here, 0 tournaments running, at most can only get 3 sngs going. the cash games there are like 3 tables per stake

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Stim_Abuser   United States. Jun 13 2013 16:32. Posts 7499

Yea most people who are in vegas would much rather just go play live.

especially considering all the games at 50bb capped games.

Hey Im slinging mad volume and fat stackin benjies I dont got time for spellin n shit - skinny pete 

4TM   United States. Jun 13 2013 19:59. Posts 712

They aren't cap games but buy in is restricted to 20-50bb

Trav94   Canada. Jun 13 2013 20:11. Posts 1784

I guess you have to give it time? Like how many people are going to be playing online anyways in just Nevada. I guess you're going to have to wait until other states catch up to Nevada and legalize and regulate online poker in the states.


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