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wpt montreal stake

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Target-x17   Canada. Apr 24 2013 20:58. Posts 1027
Going to montreal this weekend for my first live tourneys. Going to be buying in to the small events myself. Not sure im staying for the main but you never know I could hook up with a poker buddy and share a room or heat up. SO If I do stay any interest in buying last minute shares of the 3000+300 main at no markup? Sharkscopes being lame right now so Ill post graphs later im up almost 40k in tournaments this year on pokerstars and been near the top of the leaderboard all year

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f u bw rock 

Highcard   Canada. Apr 24 2013 21:06. Posts 5420

not interested but good luck where is it played

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

chrusher97   Canada. Apr 24 2013 23:24. Posts 449

its at playground

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 25 2013 03:00. Posts 5409

gl man

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 25 2013 05:29. Posts 1027

f u bw rock 

Fujikura   United States. Apr 25 2013 09:39. Posts 1795

Trev, you should make a post on 2p2, and you should sell at 15% mark-up at least.

aka SouL)Z(Isadie and SouL)P(Fujikura 

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 25 2013 18:00. Posts 1027

I posted on many sites 6% sold

f u bw rockLast edit: 25/04/2013 18:09

careface_   Canada. Apr 25 2013 19:36. Posts 788

gl, you will have fun, Playground is awesome and MTL is awesome,

Make sure you have a car, this is not in MTL, and cab isnt really a good option,

RiKD    United States. Apr 25 2013 22:06. Posts 6113

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Target-x17   Canada. Apr 25 2013 23:02. Posts 1027

what lol <3. Ya canceled that idea pretty stupid to sell a package for an event im not commited to. But I already got me some hockey tickets so im going this sunday 100% made a package on

f u bw rock 

chrusher97   Canada. Apr 25 2013 23:27. Posts 449

When are u gonna b there I might buy some

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 26 2013 00:00. Posts 1027

Also could you see not speaking much french ever a problem? Especially for the small events with mostly locals

f u bw rock 

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 26 2013 00:01. Posts 1027

  On April 25 2013 22:27 chrusher97 wrote:
When are u gonna b there I might buy some

senators game sat night so should be checking in sat night after that prop there till at least mon or teus

f u bw rock 

chrusher97   Canada. Apr 26 2013 00:19. Posts 449

Ok ill b around ill pm u on the weekend. French is np I dont speak a word and I play in mtl all the time. 90% of the time the whole table will b speaking english

 Last edit: 26/04/2013 00:20

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 26 2013 18:48. Posts 1027

any hotel recomendations

f u bw rock 

careface_   Canada. Apr 27 2013 14:40. Posts 788

Montreal is a very bilingual city,

Most dealers will talk to you in english before french at Playground, some probably don't even speak proper french, to give you any idea.

Downtown Montreal is nowadays more english than french,

The rest of the province is very french, but not MTL

PG is 20 minutes from Downtown MTL, try to google Pont Mercier (Mercier Bridge) and try to get an hotel that makes you go that way to hit the PG, it is faster from MTL.

There is 3 ways to go to PG from MTL but Pont Mercier is the fastest.

Also, beware of traffic on weekdays, probably worst city in the world for this (literally)

Target-x17   Canada. Apr 29 2013 17:55. Posts 1027

Played two perfect games completely owned my tables. Got a pretty sick 3 out river after I got a guy I been bullying to spew off into me for a stack that would of easily got me into the money in the 500. The sats were a joke I have about 200% roi in them and I dont say that lightly if most tables were like mine. A guy who rebuyed like 15 times somehow got all my chips first hand of addon tho.

Ride pussed out on me might go back.

f u bw rockLast edit: 29/04/2013 17:57


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