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Re: longple

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Ket    United Kingdom. Oct 31 2012 17:52. Posts 8665
I wrote a reply here in longple's blog in answer to some requests I got ->

Just making this post to draw attention to it for those it interests, since the longple blog is buried somewhere now

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locoo   Peru. Oct 31 2012 18:33. Posts 4561

If I were you I'd just sell the make up, it'd be better for you and longple because it seems you just don't have enough time to manage him well enough. Hope you and the swedes get a nice deal going soon thats good for everybody.

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

Mariuslol   Norway. Oct 31 2012 20:27. Posts 4742

I'm always rooting for you guyz!!

hording   Sweden. Oct 31 2012 22:16. Posts 474

  On October 31 2012 19:27 Mariuslol wrote:
I'm always rooting for you guyz!!

Xervean   United States. Oct 31 2012 22:33. Posts 682

Poor ket... lifetime runbad curse at staking...


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