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One day in my life lol

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Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 04:49. Posts 4742
Hey guyz!!

I got this weird impulse, I'll try it once, so no need to panic or go crazy if it's not wanted or not looked kindly upon in here.

The idea is that I just do my normal day, but instead of just doing it. I write what I do, as I do it, and I add links to whatever I read, right after I've read it. Kind of like a journal I keep updating throughout the day.

Yeah, not sure what will happen, but I've just gotten up now, and atm (means at the moment, not ass to mouth) I'm scribbling on my whiteboard.

+ Show Spoiler +

Starting the day off with 5 min of stretching, some water, some Multi-vitamins, a lot of B-x shit in it, some Oil (Udo's choice, I sometimes mumble to myself in a low voice, there's no choice quite like Udo's choice), some gingo-biloba pills, some celery, some C-vitamins, then some more water.

Then Breakfast, some "knekkebrød" with rye, the good shit with double layer of chicken on it, with cold water for drinks.

So after looking at my scribblings, I just sit down at my computer and I start searching for stuff.

Here's first I found:

It's a handsome guy who's all proper n shit who asked a pro Dr, health guy, and a dentist for the most common causes of preventable suffering and how to solve em.
I go make me some coffee, I don't like it too strong, I have a dash of “fløte” in it, just to feel special.

Read some stuff about sitting too much is very bad for you, I kinda skip over all the food bits and stuff like that since I'm so awesome in that area. I'm high master or close, high up there at least. But sitting is something I've done for o so much lol.

Suppose to be 5min every morning and evening

I sometimes get really excited early on, and then a few days after I'm like, waaat, I thought this was cool lol, I'm such a newb. So I'm gonna try it, now. I have to move my table first, find some cool music and try sum.

- Ok tried, used 12 minutes, since I had to stop the video and think here n there, but felt really cool lol

Notice I'm getting a little low on supplies, and I really want to go to the big supermarked, but that's a little bit far, well not far, I'm just lazy. But I've developed this interesting technique (not to be used with reckless abandon mind you very much). <--- I'm just making up cool slogans.

I noticed that when I nag at my brother to do me favors (stuff like, driving me to the super marked), the success rate isn't all that high.

And then afterward I ask someone else, for instance, my dad. Then the same thing might happen, although it's a little higher, I've got a lot of power and leeway here, but with great power also comes great responsibility. (I can just say I'm really sick, fake it, and It's 100%). But then I'll feel like an asshole, so I never, rarely, barely ever do that (ok has happened a few times, but then I feel really bad lol).

So I need to convince him in other ways.... But then again, the success rate drops by quite a bit =[

This isn't much of a problem anymore, due to my brilliant mind. I've only tested it for a month or two, and I don't think it's failed me yet. There's only one requirement for it to work. They both have to be home at the same time (my brother and my father), so what I do is, I tell my brother I really need to buy a lot of stuff, and I try lure him however I see fit. And I ask him if he could kindly ask my dad if he can do me the favor.

(And here's the trick), I've already got another copy paste ready, and I write something similar, but this time to my dad. So now I just have to time it, so I kinda have both's attention at the same time on Facebook, and voila. For some reason, when they both "do me the favor" of asking the other if he can drive me, they start some weird ego war, and tries to "win" or something like that (not 100% sure what happens, but it works).

Only bought amazing healthy stuff, feel free to pm me if you want more details lol. (I use a long time in there, I think, I lift things, shake them about a little, look at them in different angles, ask questions, read ingredients, kinda make it an event lol).

Ok, back to more fun, reading, note taking n shit xD

Skimmed through this, about do a little here n there, proactive crap. This is kinda what Loco poco describes as Pop-psychology, you can easily gain something from it if you're a bit of a newb though.

While eating I like to put on something light and something I don't have to pay too much attention too, so I put on some "approach women" thingy, from this channel. I ate complex pasta, chickecn, bacon, salad, and drank some water

I've always had huge problems watching that kind of stuff, I cringe, my body twists and turn, I make these weird facial expression, get so embarrassed and awkward when I watch people go up to random girls and start talking lol. So I'm trying to get that feeling away lol

A much better article here, Read it a few times, took some notes, u know, just bein a baller. It's about Beliefs that might be holding you back, going through some common ones and some words about shit that might help you get through em.
I liked it!!

(Took some time, thought some, went around hanging up sticky notes all over, tried looking at myself in the mirror and talk, but got so shy, started laughing and ran off lol, "tomorrow damnit".

In between reading, writing, doing stuff, I troll on facebook, just skim through, slap some troll's here and there for good meassure. Nothing too serious, or over the top.

Had around 30 minutes where I've been chatting to my brother and sister, + 2 mates of mine. The topics were about training, what happens if the sun lashes some wind blabla (that's from a guy who's not that bright, but watches a lot of TV), and a little bit to the guy who's just like Loco, but he ignores me a lot, so wasn't much going on there.

Oh, I talked another 20 minutes, this time bout Philosophy. I'm very careful on who I talk Philosophy with, I don't want to listen to anyone, I just want to ramble about things I read and learned lol. Talked some about the first Philosophers, 620bc, what theories they came up with. Like one with a weird long name that starts with A, then some x and Anaximanderlalala or something, and his "student" allegedly, actually, I think it was his student that felt that "air" was crucial, since when air gets heavy it turn to fog, water n such, when it gets dry you get flames. And when people die they stop breathing, and the Gods were made out of air, stuff along those lines, fascinating stuff lol. Anyway, I digress...

Next I read this, I felt it was really scary at first, and that I was in a lot of trouble, since I've been sitting for most of my life. Article on how bad sitting was, and could be.
(Wrote notes about that as well, but this isn't about me posting my notes lol).

Felt it could have been shorter, why not just "Stand up every hour, and train every day lol".
I do agree though, if you're fat, like 80kg and above, it's probably a lot more severe and important.

Small break where I listen to some music, jump around a little in the living room. I'm too shy to dance in public, but alone I do these weird tap with my feet kinda thingys, and I wiggle some, and I bounce, that makes me smile quite a bit. Also like freezing, holding a pose for x amount of seconds, then continue.

Decided to relax a little in my couch, listen to some History of Philosophy. Found this site, not sure if it's awesome yet, I've gotten to Heraclitus, epsiode 5, I think there's 90 + episodes

I've found 2-3 other pages who are better, more in depth, but I felt It'd be cool to just go through the history first, then delve deeper into the ones I found the most interesting. It's taken from this booklist.

+ Show Spoiler +

Got some more food, some Turkey on rye bread, two slices, with some green shit on top.
Relaxed with watching some Tedtalks, then some Kripparian clips. (Not really played Diablo3 since May, but I kinda kept watching Kripparian, i think he's the most famous D3 guy). He's just so friendly and relaxing.

Have had Breaking Bad ep2 on for DL, gonna indulge in a little lol and crap for a bit.
(Oj, that episode had me enthralled, it ended in a blink of an eye, that was a pleasant surprise).

Let's see, what's next on my endless imaginary to do list!! (Not totally imaginary, I do write stuff at the start of each day, things I feel like "exploring", learning or what not, but I guess I maybe already said that up there lol).

Sleep, yes, lol, I've struggled with proper sleep, and a schedule for most of my life. But from time to time, I like to re-read, and try a few new things, and see if I can make something out of it, yeap.

First one, real short: Just says a genetic mutation makes it so that some people need less sleep, LOL.

Next one!! (This one I kinda liked xD)

Oj, this one took me quite a long time, since there were so many links to added stuff, like when talking about foods that help induce sleep, I had to google it, go through those and add those in. There were some more links, I like to click them and at least look at them, and if my spider senses tell me I have to read them, I swear, shake my head a little annoyed, and I have at it, like a bwauss.

Next one is more about relaxing, I see the first few things are about Yoga and Meditation. I've ventured into those areas in the past, but I forget doing it, get bored, or just stop thinking about it. But I did take classes for Kundalin Yoga, and I am pretty good at breathing meditatively. So doesn't hurt to take a look at some more.

That one kinda just leads to a lot of other ones. Ai ai ai, I need a quick break before I dive into it.

Meditation for idiots, or something along those lines....

On second thought, clock is now 05:00 in the morning, I've been up since 17:00, I feel I got some energy, not sure from where, so even though it's raining, I'm a jump on my bike, head to the gym, it opens at 05:00. Fuck, hurry, hurry before I change my mind lol. (Can already feel my mind is plotting some amazing excuses for me not to go).

Oh, I'll pm my sister on Facebook and check if she wants to come too lol, oh, and brush my teeth in case there'z sum cute girlz there. Oh, and get my water bottle n my card, ok, all set, yay.

Oj, almost forgot to blow out the candles, I light that shit when I'm relaxing or reading, not sure but I feel it helps in a way.

Rode my bike cycle to the gym, 10 min, warmup, 5 minutes, jogged for 20 minutes, light jogging, but got quite a sweat, for being me, I usually don't sweat much. 15 minutes with stretches and maybe 150 crunches in between the stretching. A total of 40 minutes at the gym, + 10min each way. I drank 0,7 liter there. Perfect xD

When home, I did that fun thingy you can do after you have worked out, like really hot shower, then cold, then lol about with it, just for fun, it's amazing. (Can't really do that when you wake up n stuff, or if you're just bored, or haven't been moving a lot, it just hurts lol, but it's just fun when ur all fired up).

For food I made spaghetti and I fried some tuna, nomnomnom, and then I added sum butter and salt, slapped some green shit on that bad boy and I was done... Yeaah

Ok, reading

Important to note, while in between all this, I usually always troll (might have mentioned it briefly up there, but I suddenly felt an urge to elaborate), but I don't think about that consciously. Unless it's an elaborate (crap, now I used elaborate twice in the same sentence, shit, 3 times, I suck lol) one, and then it's never like I'm stuck, or not sure what to write or say, it's that I'm getting tingles, trying to decide what works best, and I edit, change things up, re-read it. But for most trolls, a sentence or under, it's automatic, yay.

Also when/if people message me when I'm doing something else, it's automatic trolling, 30% of the time I don't even notice I've trolled, and it's quite often people can comment or talk about some troll I've done and I'm not even realizing they're talking about that particular troll, or referring to me.

I think I've trolled since I was a little child, and it kinda always stuck with me. The self humoring thing, not sure where it came from. But for some reason I've always loved entertaining myself, I notice it often gets even more fun if I let 1 or 2 people in on it. Now a days I vary a lot, I can make it 100% obvious to everyone reading, or mix it up with having no one realize I'm trolling. (Not really sure if it's a troll then? I also never put the name Troll on it, I've always done it, and lately casuals, mainstream people, and people growing up have started doing it, but they do it just to “troll” it feels like. For me It's more like lifestyle.

The Trolls can be anything from bothering "friends" on facebook, to community groups on facebook, to more elaborate pranks on people on youtube or in games (when I'm gaming). Or when I'm social, they tend to get bigger and bigger (that's when it gets scary), I get so many ideas and impulses, so I'm often worried I might go over someone's invisible top. (I like to think that I try to get as close to someone's limit as you possible can, but not over it, and the few times It's appropriate to go over it, quickly jump underneath and calm it before whoever is getting troll realized I went over, I don't want people really upset. Anoyed, pissed, moody, entertained, confused, anything around there is pretty awesome.

I'm scrolling through my facebook, today I've not been that active, but I've written 34 troll comments.

It used to be a little more elaborate, since there's this awesome page called "Kjøp & Salg Mo i Rana". And virtually every house hold in our city is part of that group. We've just got 25.000 people in "my" city. And that page is just used for putting up shit, pictures of stuff you want to sell, then people write in the comments what they bid, talk, discuss, haggle.

A few days ago something awful happened though.
I've always been so careful and meticulous, but I got really unlucky, so I got banned.

Wasn't even that big of a troll either, maybe like a 5,0 on a scale of 10,0 on a casual-troll-o-meter. This elderly lady was trying to get hold of this small, antique sofa thingy (ugly as shit), and there were quite few comments in it. It seemed as if she was complaining, almost giving up, since no one seem to have one of those.

So I thought It'd be funny to go "Ohhh, shit, so unlucky, my dad had one JUST like the one in your picture, but our cat took a big dump in it, everything got smeared in poo. I think he threw it in the back of the garage after that".

And I thought that was it, and I was happily on my way further down the picturez. Looking for more good spots.

But then she sent me a PM, acting all crazy like "omg omg (ok she didn't really use omg), but she seemed pretty excited, saying that didn't matter, she could re-dress it or something stupid, pleading if she could buy it.

I got a little "ai ai ai", so to stall for time, I said "Aye, I can't promise anything, but I'll call my dad, he's at work now, but I'll let you know later in the day!".
But then it turned out she kinda knew who my dad was, and she called him instead....
Crap =[

(I think that's why I'm banned, I'm not 100% sure, but she went in a hissy fit n took away one of my favorite pass-time activity).

Some people just want to see the world burn.

Another good one is when someone takes a bad picture of something, let's say a couch, to make it simple. I like to go "hmm, it lookz pretty good, I'm a little interested, hmm... Could you possible maybe take another picture from the other side? (It's a little fuzzy)"
And if it's a woman, or a girl, they always comply LOL, and they upload more pictures, yay.
Then the game IS ON!! (Pretty obvious what's going on now), the goal of the game is to see how many times you can get the girl to upload another picture.

My record is around 7 or 8 times.

I also once got the girl to lay in the couch, but when I found out her boyfriend took the picture, I acted all moody in the comment and snuffed, said I wasn't interested (tried to make it obvious I was moody she had a bf).

Hmm... there is one problem with having this "affliction" (I think I can call it that, since I can't really control it lol, at least not at times, or I can moderate it at least xD). If I use my willpower to avoid 5-10 good spots, it just keeps getting increasingly harder, and eventually I'll pop. (Kinda like when I did that Byrnesam no fap challenge, suddenly I was watching with 30 tabs up, the most bizarre fetishes I've never been to, with a fap marathon, fapping for 3 hours straight, then at it again 1 hour later, by the evening I was genuinely concerned I might have broken it).

Where was I... Yeah, there... Ok.

I used to have over 300 friends on Facebook, now I'm down at 103. The first people to go were the ones who got easily offended, then quite a few fat people. Then a few old people. I had added some people I knew were religious, they all gone too lol. (Yay, thanks Hitchens).
But I think that's a good thing, in a way.

I do regret trolling too hard on a lot of the girls who were good looking, but you can't go around treating people differently lol, and besides, those are the one's who's most fun to troll xD

Am a little nervous I might lose one of the hottest I've got left on facebook, I did a troll on her last night, she uploaded a picture from her phone, and it was so dark you couldn't see her face, was too dark and blurry.

Not 100% sure what I wrote, but something along the lines of "ahh, that's maybe the best picture I've seen of you so far". (Stupidly mild one though, like I'm a little scared any shy to troll that one lol. I'm such a whimp at times lol).

Another deep form of trolling, I'm not sure if anyone but me will find this one funny. But you know those people who update their facebook 30 times a day, when they're moody, when they're tired, when they had a good cup of coffe, when they had a friend over, that they made some bread, the list goes on.

I LOVE answering those, as politely, and honestly as I can. Inquire further, or a smile, the most mundane, boring shit I can think of I try my hardest to write. Not 100% sure why, but it fills me with joy.

So, let's take "xxxxx" a xx girl, she does that shit nonstop. So when she writes like ""#¤"#¤ so mad, fuck men"

I instantly go "ahh, what's up? I hope no one is miss-treated you or anything".

Then she's free to write why she's angry... Not even exaggerating when I say, that sometimes those super tiny, mundane, invisible to 90% trolls has me in fits, sometimes I can even have tears coming down my chin. Can't quite the sensation.

"Ahh there, now all the snow's been plowed, phew, that was a lot of work, now I deserve some hot coco"

"Oj, you plowed the whole thing yourself, and you're a girl. I must say, I'm pretty impressed".

That last sentence there, is also a 100% troll lol. (Me trying to be as boring as I can possible muster).

A few things annoy me though, one of them is my sister, somehow she's become immune to my trolls. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I've probably tried 5-7times today, she hasn't bitten once.

Let me go have a look...

Ok, here's one.

She wrote her husband was making her kebab.

I reply with "Hmm, *Name of husband here* once told me I was a kebab. What you think he ment by that?".

And then just nothing!!

Ok, so this is just small trivial stuff. I'll show you guys a bigger one. It happened yesterday, so it's kinda doesn't fit 100% of "stuff I've done in a day". BUT I wrote one of the long replies in the troll today, so it kinda counts anyway.


A mate of mine who's pretty intelligent, (in a way he never miss- spells, he never trolls, he rarely if ever swears, always factual, very pessimistic, former nihilist, he's close to an exact replica of Loco, he only difference is that he keeps me around on skype lol, and that he sometimes talks back to me).

I've sat trying to get his attention for most of the day, but he ignores me a lot. So after trying various techniques I finally manage to annoy him enough to get an answer.

I keep pestering, trying to find out what he's doing, but he refuses. And I felt right away it was something he didn't want me to know, embarrassed, something along those lines. I think his correct words were "You're not mentally mature enough to appreciate blablabla".

This makes me open my mouth in amazement, I'm so intrigued right now, so interested I'm almost shaking lol.

I do my best at convincing him to tell me, I just lay at him. When this happen I start to write fast, really fast, I think I break over 1000 touch per minute or somewhere around there. I enter a flow state or something similar.

So after spamming he agrees to let me in on it, after I've "kinda in a non formal way agreed I'd not make fun of him, no jokes, no troll, no laughing etc". It's kinda in the air. (He's still probably moody about the time I got him to tell me how he masturbated, and he did this trick with his finger to stimulate his anus. It so caught me off guard, he was so 100% not the person to talk, admit, or even do that kinda stuff. Makes me smile each time I see his name, talk to him, or each time he says something profound or smart lol.

Anyway, he tells me there's this sub forum on Reddit for something called ASMR. (Let me just quote what that means, since I didn't fully get it myself).

"Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs."

And he had been enthralled, watching this girl preform simple tasks, or whispering, or clicking on wooden boxes, shit like that for over 3 hours straight.

He sent me this link, Where she's "preforming" asmr (I'm thick lol, I didn't realize she knew what she was doing, I thought she wasn't in on it, and just had vods up, and just got happy people was watching her shit lol).

Just click the link, watch it for 25 sec, then pause, then continue reading, watch more of it later if you want, not right now lol

+ Show Spoiler +

Not 100% why, but the whole thing made me happy, I couldn't watch more than 1-2 minutes of it, even though she was hot lol. But I knew I had to pm her, and I got a pm back pretty quickly.

After a few pm's I got down to businiss.

And instead of talking about it as I have previously, I'll just go and copy paste. But before I can do that I need to explain a few things. (There's literally hundreds of things, but I'll go through some of the big ones).

I changed Celz's name to KimPim. Why Kim, is kinda "deep", but Kim thinks Celz is moody, and Celz don't like that, I always make nicknames for people, Kim is KimPim. A close irl friend of mine, he's 2 meters tall, maybe the kindest guy on the planet, or at least high up there. He's always kind, his best attributes is being tall and listening. Yes, he actually listens deeply, it's weird. He never gets into trouble. And when he walks around his coordination is a bit off lol. And he's one of my favorite people to have around lol.

(Very often when I need a name, I use his, there's also some history between him and Celz, that makes it even more fun that it says KimPim instead of his name, but no time to go into that now lol).

So whenever you see "KimPim" talk, it's actually Celz, and I've "edited" it slightly, given him some poor structured sentences + I give him some spelling errors rofl. And often when he's avoiding something, or being boring, I just "write what I feel he's actually saying" lol, so I'm making him look 70% more stupid, and by doing that I come out a lot better lol . But we're still kinda saying close to, hmm, let's see... 80% of what's being said in the convo, I've just edited and changed up a few things I felt were more accurate here and there.

The conversation starts from when he had just linked me the Youtube of the Asmr girl.
(This is my 3rd PM to her on Youtube)

+ Show Spoiler +

After sending that I got a reply, where she was smiling, going on about "awhh you just wanted me to add you on Facebook".

I got a little flustered, didn't quite get it until a few seconds had passed lol. But that blindsided me, although it shouldn't have lol.

To that I pm'd back

+ Show Spoiler +

After that I got another PM, she was smiling again, saying she liked all the pictures!
After a few seconds I realized she had been on my facebook, looking through my pictures lol. So I sent back another PM

+ Show Spoiler +

(oh, almost forgot, I quickly sent her another pm, with just a picture of a trumpet)
HEhe, here's her reply

+ Show Spoiler +

The most important thingy in this pm is the end, look, it's amazing, she told me she had her birthday, yay.

But now I feel I've been a little "mean" but not too mean, but I should maybe throw her a compliment or two, that feels about right =]

My next pm
+ Show Spoiler +

No idea if the last pm was funny, but I was in fits again, I think it might have something to do with my playlist. The dark knight end theme song was on, and I kinda just winged it at the end there lol.

And here is her reply

+ Show Spoiler +

I've not replied after this, look, all the smileys, she's so happy now. I feel I gave her a lot of value, and I like to just leave when I'm at the top xD

Ok, hopefully that didn't get too longwinded, I tried shortening it down, but that's a little more elaborate troll, what I mean by that, is that it takes more time, like an hour all in all, with thinking and writing (but it's not work, I'm having a blast, entertaining myself xD).

It's just "harmless" fun online, irl it can get worse, but it's very safe and stabil atm, since I spend most of my time alone, and have for quite some time. But it can quickly turn "ugly" when I'm sociable lol.

For some reason, when someone calls me, if I'm not focusing, whatever the person is saying, I reply with the oposite. Someone ask me something, I answer something else, I know the answer, I say I don't, I don't know the answer, I pretend I do and make up something.

Can do a quick example. (When I write things in parenthese, I'm just explaining, not things being said in the conversation)

My dad calls me

Dad: Hey, what you doing?
Me: Smoking pot (I've never smoked pot, maybe 6-7 times 10 years ago lol)
Dad: What.. I thought you said you cut that shit out (He thinks I've been on and off for years lol)
Me: Yeah, I know, but I kinda started a little lately. Michael was by, and he had some, and I hadn't seen him in awhile. (Michael is my brother)
Dad: "Long drawn out sigh" (Like you can tell he's getting flusterd)
Dad: Well, it's your life, I can't tell you what to do and not do
Me: Hehe, you did get really mad when I pretend I was gay
Dad: "#¤&¤ Can you be serious for one second, stop with that nonsense (Here I let him "take me" in a joke, or being silly, this balancing of my range helps my actual bluffs work close to 100% of the time)
Dad: Just wanted to check up on you, your phone's been off for a week
Me: Yeah, I don't really like phones
Dad: Stop being silly, you used to be on Facebook all the time, but not lately
Me: I kinda prefer how it was in the old days
Dad: What do you mean?
Me: They used Pigeons, the wrote letters and had them deliver it
Dad: Stop being silly
Me: No, it's true!!
Me: Would be cool if we used drums
Dad: .......
Me: Or smoke signals maybe
Dad: I'm hanging up
Me: Noo wait nooooo
Dad: Good bye
Me: Noooooo "clark, he hangs up" ooooohhehehhehehEHEHEHEHEHE *evil laugh*

"Then a shrug" and a "throw phone in sofa"

Fuck, this kinda dragged on. I've got a few more articles to read through, and I kinda got lost in this lol.

I wonder if I'll just leave all of this in the blog article, without proof-reading or checking anything. Just have it as it got streamlined when I wrote it. Yeah, I think I'll do that =]

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Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 04:51. Posts 4742

Sorry about the formatting (not sure if that's the right word lol).

But I wrote everything in Office, had it all cool, and when I pasted to LP, it all got fucked, so took ages to fix it. So it's kinda Raw, did one "move around sentences n stuff" and that took 40 minutes. Didn't plan any of that, just wanted to write my thougts, and nod down whatever I doing, show what I was reading, thinking, eating, doing n stuff.



Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 05:25. Posts 4742

Oh, and I kinda had to "do this" before the "end" of the day, or I'd be too tired and not bother. So I'm kinda still not done with the day. I just did 5 min exercise, and I'm making last meal of the day, gonna try heated milk, oatmeal with some cottage cheese, to try and do that induce sleep thingy lol.

Ohh, to celebrate after making the blog post, I watched the latest manga, totally forgot about that lol.

I use:

I read One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail yay

Was really cool episodes <3

PanoRaMa   United States. Jul 24 2012 06:16. Posts 1655

Pretty cool experiment, def think you have one of the best blogs on LP even though none of it is really about poker. Will be doing some of those exercises from now (hopefully) that you linked in the beginning 

dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 24 2012 07:34. Posts 1730

is this your typical day? are you working or studying? or what do u do for a living?

great in depth of a unique mind

longple    Sweden. Jul 24 2012 08:04. Posts 4471

lol at phonecall ;D

SpasticInk   Sweden. Jul 24 2012 08:26. Posts 6295

made me chuckle a bit.

poor daddy

Loco   Canada. Jul 24 2012 11:54. Posts 20443

What the hell is wrong with you? I skimmed through this post a bit and the girl pms are enraging. I would've certainly thought that she was an idiot if she didn't ignore you or respond in the way she did to your shit. There was nothing funny or witty about it, you were just being obnoxious.

No wonder your "friend" ignores you often... you're trivial and hyperactive, something intelligent and calm people try to avoid. And from what you've shown of your friend here, we clearly share nothing in common except our annoyance with your behavior. I wouldn't share my sexual life with you or anyone unlike he did, and I have no interest in these new age techniques to induce certain pleasurable/relaxing states. Although, I did try some binaural stuff being used for meditation purposes a few years ago, but it was mainly for the rainy background which was great.

Also, jesus, how many times in a day do you think of me? I skimmed and saw my name 3 times already!

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable.Last edit: 24/07/2012 12:19

Loco   Canada. Jul 24 2012 12:09. Posts 20443

Ok, you know what Marius, I was just reading some Zapffe and realized you are Norwegian like him, and I'm guessing your friend is too. So if he is anything like me he should know who he is and have read him. Just ask him if he knows who he is and if he agrees with his philosophy or not. If he doesn't, he is nothing like me. Pretty simple. Also try and get him to read the short essay 'Den sidste Messias' (The Last Messiah) if he doesn't know about it. I don't know if you can find it in your mother tongue but it's in English here:

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

Luna_Bluffgood   Germany. Jul 24 2012 12:10. Posts 1219

Cant believe i read through all that. Was sort of entertaining though

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jul 24 2012 12:49. Posts 8646

i don't dislike you marius but you might be a legitimate crazy person

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Loco   Canada. Jul 24 2012 14:22. Posts 20443

Why would you think that! He finds a girl who is apparently very good at a certain technique and starts first convo with "Hey Fishka, or uhm, Fishcake (rolls better of the tongue). So from now on, that's what I'll call you."

Then goes on to list some things that he has just discovered about said technique and doesn't even think that she knows about it even though the only reason he's contacting her is because she is good at it (therefore obviously knows). Then uses the word "crap" to describe what she does, and realizes far too late that she knows about it and still thinks it's worth sending because it's "warm and witty" (just a rationalization for having committed to writing it, in reality).

Oh well, crazies are the best entertainers.

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

iop   Sweden. Jul 24 2012 15:06. Posts 4947


Curious to this answer, though.

  On July 24 2012 06:34 dnagardi wrote:
is this your typical day? are you working or studying? or what do u do for a living?

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealth 

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 15:51. Posts 4742

Hey, just woke up, it's 21:50 in Norway

I'll give a short reply to everyone (even Loco poco xD).

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 15:52. Posts 4742

  On July 24 2012 05:16 PanoRaMa wrote:
Pretty cool experiment, def think you have one of the best blogs on LP even though none of it is really about poker. Will be doing some of those exercises from now (hopefully) that you linked in the beginning

I didn't know, but I was kinda looking for something like that. I've always just stretched a bit, done a few jumps, felt a little stupid. So groggy in the morning, not started thinking yet.

I did the exercises before bed and first thing in the morning, peed and drank some water first though. Then did the routine. Feels pretty cool I think.

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 16:00. Posts 4742

  On July 24 2012 06:34 dnagardi wrote:
is this your typical day? are you working or studying? or what do u do for a living?

great in depth of a unique mind

Hey, yeah, but it depends a little, some days I go trips in the forest, some days I try and read in books, but that goes A LOT SLOWER, since I don't read that fast, and when I read books I write a lot more notes, and I feel drained a lot faster.

But pretty typical of a normal day.

I am Bi-Polar or something like that, so on those days I try and not bother anyone, write anything, I can't.
What happens is I'm happy or close to euforic large portions of the day, I think about the most usless stuff, I scribble notes, I troll, I am myself I feel. But when night comes, LOL, at trying to sleep, I wake up, I feel the urge to do something, I fantazie, it never shuts up in there. Even when I try real hard at doing mindful breaths and all that crap.

So then what happens is I can't sleep for a long time, when that happens I get so stressed, I think I keep producing adrenalin, kortisol or something like that, which gives less attention to my digestive system, then what happens is I get constipated, even though I don't want to lol. And then next is the down period. In there I'm a lot less careless, I switch personality, and I write and think close to how Loco writes on lp when he being all "deep" and clever. And I'm in a very dark place.

The second I leviate myself, get sleep. BLAM, I wake up euforic and happy, and so it goes.

I work 50%, 3 times a week.

I like to read, study, take notes, just for the fun of it, instead of playing games all day, I found out I kinda feel the same when I just learn shit, so I do that instead.

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Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 16:06. Posts 4742

  On July 24 2012 10:54 Loco wrote:
What the hell is wrong with you? I skimmed through this post a bit and the girl pms are enraging. I would've certainly thought that she was an idiot if she didn't ignore you or respond in the way she did to your shit. There was nothing funny or witty about it, you were just being obnoxious.

No wonder your "friend" ignores you often... you're trivial and hyperactive, something intelligent and calm people try to avoid. And from what you've shown of your friend here, we clearly share nothing in common except our annoyance with your behavior. I wouldn't share my sexual life with you or anyone unlike he did, and I have no interest in these new age techniques to induce certain pleasurable/relaxing states. Although, I did try some binaural stuff being used for meditation purposes a few years ago, but it was mainly for the rainy background which was great.

Also, jesus, how many times in a day do you think of me? I skimmed and saw my name 3 times already!



Does that mean if I turn on the shower n have a wank, it'll feel a little better? Please feel free to elaborate xD

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 16:08. Posts 4742

  On July 24 2012 11:49 bigredhoss wrote:
i don't dislike you marius but you might be a legitimate crazy person

Find me a sane person, and I'll cure him!!!


Loco   Canada. Jul 24 2012 16:37. Posts 20443

lol no it's a thing called 'binaural beats', look it up I'm sure you'll find it very interesting...

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

Mariuslol   Norway. Jul 24 2012 17:27. Posts 4742

Yeah, was just googling it. Giving it a read, skimmed through the Norwegian story as well, but I really want to keep going at it with the Greek philosopher's first.


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