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First Losing Session

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collegesucks   United States. Jul 09 2012 01:19. Posts 5780

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Carthac   United States. Jul 09 2012 01:34. Posts 1343

A 2k pot at 1/2? What kind of players are you playing with O_O

TheHuHu3   United States. Jul 09 2012 01:56. Posts 5544

The fuck is with those open sizes LOL. People don't open for that much unless they want to tell the world what they have over here.

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RaiNKhAN    United States. Jul 09 2012 05:26. Posts 4080

imagine the quality of life if u were eatsleepgrind

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dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 09 2012 05:36. Posts 1757

u got more than 200bb/100, it might be sustainable

BiNK   United States. Jul 09 2012 09:31. Posts 302

dude i was at the showboat this weekend cause it was one of the cheaper hotels we could get there for a night and you won't be sad. people are trash there

YouGoTGoT   United States. Jul 09 2012 09:36. Posts 1118

charge your phone bro


Arirang   Canada. Jul 09 2012 10:10. Posts 1673

gangster we koreans taking over evurrrthanggg

tooker   . Jul 09 2012 12:37. Posts 470

is this in indiana?

gawdawaful   Canada. Jul 09 2012 13:32. Posts 9005

$145/hr playing 1/2 live, how the fuck

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basementkid   . Jul 09 2012 14:54. Posts 191

Yeah I might have to start playing some 1/2 live i guess.

collegesucks   United States. Jul 09 2012 16:06. Posts 5780

this is in New Orleans, Louisiana. The biggest games in a 500 mile radius. Lots of drunks gamblers tourists and bad regulars.


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