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What the hell does this mean?

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Kapol   Poland. Jun 15 2012 09:02. Posts 4696
With just a pelt and reported sighting to go on,he classified it as a bear.

Problem solved.

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. Jun 15 2012 09:24. Posts 14026

pelt is a fucking animal skin
report is a fucking review of something

he had an animal skin and review of seeing the animal, classified it as a bear (fucking decided it was obv a bear)

have some Gallows for your trouble

rememp   Canada. Jun 15 2012 09:27. Posts 480

Someone probably found the fur of an animal, (pelt is the fur of an animal that has been stripped off).

Then knowing that someone had reported to the local authorities that they had seen a bear in the area, that person went ahead and classified it as a bear, rather than a wolf or cougar or whatever.

It could be read like this: With just a pelt and the knowledge that someone had reported seeing bears in the area, he classified the pelt as a bear pelt.

Kapol   Poland. Jun 15 2012 09:50. Posts 4696

Many thanks, confusion is gone. I can live happily from now on.

BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) 

Tensai176   Canada. Jun 15 2012 12:46. Posts 1018

Nice rhyme

NeillyJQ   United States. Jun 15 2012 14:13. Posts 8947

thought it meant he made a type. i don't make typo's i make new words.

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 


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