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Poker Traveling Entourage?

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casinocasino   Canada. May 07 2012 01:49. Posts 3343
I have been working on a few projects on the side and one of them requires to go on a 52 week route trip working on small independent tasks along the way. I will be starting at the end of the summer and hopefully by then I can find some team-mates who might be interested in rooming along(Interested??? PM me)

- starting in Europe or Asia and ending at the opposite choice.
- I will try to play 40 hours of poker a week.
- I have some specifications but generally nothing fixed here are some of the places of consideration Dublin, Casablanca, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taiwan, I plan to go along a fixed route to visit as many places as possible while maintaining travel costs to a minimum.

Anyways this goes out to the traveling poker players, please respond if this appeals to your considerations.

update more soon.

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TheTrees   United States. May 07 2012 07:45. Posts 1592

Wish I had the capital/time, I would love to do it. Good luck and keep us updated, it'll give us all motivation to keep grinding


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