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Hoolz_1907   United Kingdom. Apr 27 2012 04:03. Posts 2791
Hiya LP,

It's been ages since I made a blog entry but as I need to gain some more motivation / seek advice I figured it would be a good idea to get things back on the rail again. Also I feel that LP is in need of a little active member boost again like the good old 2007-2009 days. I think longple mentioned this as well and so I'm just trying to contribute! Moving on to poker, last month results wise was very good; online I mainly play Omaha PL50 / PL100 and was very fortunate to spot a giant fish on the 1/2, didn't have the bankroll for it at the time but figured it was worth a shot which turned out to be quite decent as you can see from the stats below. I also ran quite good against him with some setups in my favor but also feel like I played the most EV game against him overall.

This is all from 888 poker. Must say I ran pretty well, slightly above EV for the last part of the month so definitely can't complain. As I work for Stars here in London 40-50 hours a week I cannot put in as much volume as I would like to online, but on the side I play quite a bit of live as well (usually about 10-15 hours a week). On a side note, no I don't know anything about the sale with FTP so don't bother asking

I really enjoy the job though, almost 2 years now that I moved to London and besides playing poker it gives me a solid monthly income which I can partly put towards poker as well. Obviously it's in an environment that I love and the colleagues that I have are amazing and have become good friends with a lot of them. We play quite a bit of home games as well, smallish stakes though but it ends up getting £200-300 deep on £0.25/0.50 with all Dealers Choice games. Stockholm is by far my favourite DC game; in short you get 5 cards with a betting round, a flop is dealt and then another betting round. After that is one drawing round in which you can discard up to 5 cards just like 5card draw. The turn is dealt immediately afterwards -> betting round -> river -> betting round like normal. Pot then gets split between the best 5card draw hand and Omaha High hand using 2 cards from your hand. This game is insane as you can imagine but sooo much fun.

If anyone here has some more cool DC games that I know of please let me know and I'm sure we will get them in the mix next time.

Going back to my stats from the screen above, I realize that I play quite nitty in PLO online. This used to be completely different and in live games I still play a bit more laggy than I would do online. However this is one part where I am seeking some advice; for any highly experienced PLO players out there like MiPwnYa, Daut, Ket etc. - is this comparable to your stats? I feel like I should be opening up more hands in 6max PLO and my 3bet should definitely be higher. One thing I also noticed from the details, is that my fold to flop bet percentage is 64%. I feel like this is way too high and if I compare this to other players on 888 it definitely seems higher than the average. Should I be c/r or c/c more with medium draws or peel off an extra street more often with TP kind of hands? It just feels like I completely nitted up online although it does seem to be working on 888 where people still pay me off regularly.

I also played a few MTTs on 888 with one good result just before the start of this month. It sucks that you cannot do deals on 888 since we both had 12-15 BBs in headsup. The guy was a massive fish but I simply made a bad shove against him and was really frustrated with myself afterwards for not shipping this one. Still not a bad result.

Live I played hold'em at the Fox poker club mostly, some 1/1 but usually 1/2 NLH or ROE if the last one was running. Problem with the fox compared to the vic is that tables never go higher than 1/2 but imo there is still plenty of action to be found and the dealers are friendly. Reason I don't like the Vic is that the tables are often quite boring with a lot of passiveness, and after 2/3 hours I usually give up or simply get too bored with it. The Fox in that aspect is different as I know quite a lot of people there, some I know are internet regulars and decent players which I tried to avoid as much as possible. The avg. potsize on 1/2 there is simply much bigger than what I've seen at the vic, so for now I'll stay at the Fox. Also played a small £35 bounty tourney there which I took down for £600 (included 15 out of the 60 bounties - lols). Never had such a run good in a tourney so that was fun to experience for once.

Ending it off with one of my most favourite songs from my favourite band from the last 10 years. This was from their first album which is still the best one they ever made. I've seen them live in Amsterdam 2 years ago just before moving to London and it was the best concert EVARRR. The Swedes here should definitely know this one:

Alright that's it for now. Any advice on the PLO stats would be very much appreciated.

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Look at his hand and equities, what do you expect him to have here, uno cards? - TianYuan 

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Apr 27 2012 06:18. Posts 14026

If you havin Hoolz problems i feel bad for you son

I got 99bbs but the Hoolz aint one

Hoolz_1907   United Kingdom. Apr 27 2012 07:09. Posts 2791

i wish i got that one but i dont byrnesam

Look at his hand and equities, what do you expect him to have here, uno cards? - TianYuan 

Mortensen8   Chad. Apr 27 2012 09:07. Posts 1789

That's a really high fold to 3bet at least compared to me

Rear naked woke 

Hoolz_1907   United Kingdom. Apr 27 2012 10:40. Posts 2791

Yea i've looked at that stat for others and it seems lower you're right. Most of the times I think it's based on position and if its against 1 or more opponents, i don't like to play oop against 1 player as I think I miss the flop too often to do so. But yea it's something I should consider changing; what would be a good way? Leading more flops perhaps? I think phil galfond discussed this as well saying in omaha you should lead more flops as players generally check behind more when they miss, I'm thinking this could also be used as a way to pick up a lot of small pots perhaps?

Look at his hand and equities, what do you expect him to have here, uno cards? - TianYuan 

Mortensen8   Chad. Apr 27 2012 14:02. Posts 1789

I don't know if you should change it because it looks like it's working but post flop OOP the only hands I fold are bad Axxx , hands with pairs in them, unless its double suited or single suited all cards connected, or really unconnected junk but I don't really raise that from early positions anyway.
Against very tight 3betters you might be missing some value since they play their range a bit face up.
I think if someone noticed that stat they could 3bet you every time in position.
Post flop is very opponent dependent ... for the most part I just play according to my equity (prob doing it wrong). If you want to lead then against bad players do it for value or if passive (they check behind dominated draws too much or something). Against good maybe balance value and hands that are not good enough to check call/ raise but someone else would have to answer this.

Rear naked woke 

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 27 2012 14:51. Posts 12011

Keep up the good work~

Rekrul is a newb 

MiPwnYa    Brasil. Apr 27 2012 16:41. Posts 5228

stop foldin to 3bets and cbets
fold to 3b should be anywhere between 10 and 25
fold to cbet probably between 45 and 55

Hoolz_1907   United Kingdom. Apr 28 2012 02:37. Posts 2791

Thanks that will definitely help. Fold to 3b between 10/25 what sort of hands and positions and your generally folding? Weak Ax hands or weak mid pairs? (Or what about JJ27 for example) and does it matter if we're OOP against 1 player? Multiway call pretty much anything right?

Look at his hand and equities, what do you expect him to have here, uno cards? - TianYuan 


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