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Pokerstars Dinner in Vancouver + 39k Pot!!

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Joeingram1   United States. Jan 20 2012 00:43. Posts 943
Whats going on guys, still need to write my SNE prop bet wrap up blog but I have alot of things to write/say about the few month long grind so want to make sure I'm in the writing mindset. This month has been incredibly well and I think pokerstars is rewarding me for playing 450k plo hands in December with this ridiculous run good at high stakes to start the year including my biggest pot ever won

Obv Rafe was the spot in this game and the only reason I was playing so high, he wasn't 3betting that much preflop and after he potted I was moreso praying it wasn't AAxx with nut flush draw but when he tanked for like 20 seconds I was like holy crap I might actually have the best hand with bottom pair, and I was an 80 percent fave for a 39k pot, heart sure was pumping on the turn when he picked up a bit more outs but on the river it was going crazy, like holyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!

This is how my graph is looking since I moved back into my 2nd canada place where the run good officially lives, almost made it to +100k but not quite there yet

Pokerstars hosted a dinner for some Vancouver supernova's the other night that I attended and had a great time. This is my second get together organized by Pokerstars that I have attended. The first was on Thanksgiving for the USA relocatees that was great, it kinda sucked having to be in Canada and grinding on Thanksgiving so this was a great moral booster for myself and just another reason why Stars is amazing to its plyers, I got to meet some lp'ers who I've only known online and got to meet the Canada Rep for this part of the world for Pokerstars, Rich and his wife. The dinner the other night here at HY steakhouse was for Canadian supernovas but luckily me and my friend Matt (rivrmeadream) got an invite and got to meet some more pretty cool guys from the area. Had a chance to meet a guy I've grinded a ton of PLO with and he was the only one brave enough to go out with us afterwards, prob can't blog that story. Rich gave away a few pairs of hockey tickets through 8 way PLO flips and obv I binked the first one for my hometowm Blackhawks vs Canucks, everyone was happy for me of course. Of course we ordered a ton of appetizers, double drinks and deserts as the night was on Pokerstars and everyone figured we could all use some more rakeback. I know not everyone is happy with the changes made this year to the VPP system but I have tried turn the negative into a positive for me personally and figured out a way to maximize my rakeback and try to improve my winrate. Previously it was very profitable to nit it up while 24 tabling with the mentality that I could breakeven while earning 120k but now that is not the case, in deciding to take a different approach and open up my game a ton while playing in better games higher stakes I have been able to make as much money in the first few weeks of the year then I might be able to make the whole year with 24 tabling + SNE.

I made a video at the stars dinner so you guys can see what a real life pokerstars employee looks like and some other poker players look like, lighting kinda meh

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rubbago   Mexico. Jan 20 2012 02:17. Posts 257

nice gesture from PS, and really great you are achieving this shit...
btween you and some others LPers ive found a great fount of inspiration

Twitter: @rubbago 

YoMeR   United States. Jan 20 2012 02:42. Posts 12369

lol sick graph yo

eZ Life. 

Eluflop   Estonia. Jan 20 2012 03:09. Posts 3821


Chewits   United Kingdom. Jan 20 2012 05:35. Posts 2512


I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice. 

terrybunny19240   United States. Jan 20 2012 11:00. Posts 13829

lol nice, keep posting

KrappyKonnect   Canada. Jan 20 2012 12:26. Posts 1126

I had a dinner on wednesday, it was pretty cool time.

Critterer   United Kingdom. Jan 23 2012 14:45. Posts 5337

mmm i think i love you?

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