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  spets1, Nov 29 2017

So bitcoin is going nuts, it broke 10k today!!!! I am actually a part of history as I have purchased 1 BTC at 10001 as the wall broke. Sold it a bit later for tiny profit. Didnt expect it to go much higher before a pullback.


All my friends are asking me about bitcoin, all of them asking how to invest, all of them suddenly talking about bitcoin. My mom is advising me which ones I should Buy. When just few months ago nobody talked about it. I was the only nutzo.

It is on the front of biggest newspapers, its on CNBC, its on Sydney Morning Herald.

Big money is coming in RIGHT NOW. It seems the financials have finally decided to make money off it. And they want to make ETF's, Index Funds, Hedge funds, investment firms, and they are all buying Bitcoins and other main cyptos in order to create these funds. Russia said they want to introduce the Cypto Ruble. Hahahaha

FUUUUUCKing price is going nuts. It was all time highs for BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, MONERO. AND OTHERS

So what this all means is that the prices are going to go through the roof. the BIG BOYS are moving in. Not that the price hasn't already gone nuts this whole year. WTF BTC alone is like 10x this year. And going higher. other Alts went up even more.

Poll: Which side are you on?
(Vote): Bitcoin Core, I Love Blockstream especially bcos they are sponsored by Status Quo Bankers
(Vote): Another Altcoin
(Vote): I have my Own opinion

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5 Bitcoin pics
  spets1, Sep 02 2017

Conditions apply**************

*****Conditions: By looking at these pictures you automatically agree that real Bitcoin will not have Segwit and Blockstream Core development team are bunch of corrupt fags who are trying to make Bitcoin into BankCoin

Poll: Which One Is True?
(Vote): Pic 1 (Blockstream ar funded by bilderberg)
(Vote): 2 (Luke Dash Jr believes the Earth is Flat)
(Vote): 3 (BSCore is trying to increase bitcoin fees)
(Vote): 5 (r/bitcoin is a heavily censored forum)
(Vote): Fuck this shit
(Vote): All of the above + Blockstream are fags

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  spets1, May 25 2017

If you guys got any bitcoin or other cryptocurrency questions shoot them out. I'm following the scene quiet closely so would have answers to most I reckon.

going to colombia soon

do you think i might get arrested?
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Bitcoin Anarchy WAR
  spets1, May 10 2017

Whats going on in bitcoin right now fuucken interesting and I am not talking about the price 4x in the last year ($460 to $1700) which in itself massive considering the shitfight thats going on.

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It's pretty much testing anarchy at work. Bitcoin is testing a large expensive ($30Billion) system that has no central authority, no one group of people that can make everyone follow their rules.

It has bunch of groups trying to sway the debate one way or another. The debate is mainly about scaling. The problem is that bitcoin can only have about 3.5 transaction per second. Thats just complete shit. If bitcoin wants to survive it definitely needs to raise that by orders of magnitude to be able to compete with traditional evil, war thirsty, life destroying banking system that we have now.

So there are bunch of groups that are trying to sway the decision. And when so much money is at stake these groups are trying to make bitcoin go the way they want so they can increase the benefits for their own group.

The groups are:

1. Developers team
2. Miners
3. Exchanges
4. Businesses currently using bitcoin
5. Status Quo banks etc
6. General Public, Bitcoin enthusiasts

And these bunch of groups know what a goldmine bitcoin can be and they want this goldmine to work for them.

So anyway what i wanted to say is that Bitcoin is testing how Anarchy works and its damn interesting where its going to go from now.
And it has shown me why Anarchy can never work. There are just too many indecisive, easily swayed, lazy, not caring people that can be manipulated into agreeing into something that is not the best solution. And the best solution is very hard to come up with and most likely does not even exist. So in anarchy the minority are jsut screaming at each other unable to make decisions of authority. Whilst the sheep are baaa'ing one way or another based on propaganda or their beliefs.

My prediction is that it will soon split. It has to split. because right now its losing ground to many other bitcoin forks, copies which are trying to also solve the scaling debate plus introducing crazy new tweaks to the software/blockchain to make it better. But it maybe too late for bitcoin

TLDR: Litecoin FTW

but you never know whats over the edge
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bitcoin may still be your queen
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so yeah BREAK17
  spets1, Apr 14 2017

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Musk should
  spets1, Mar 30 2017

Launch a Hubble 2 telescope into orbit. And call it "THE MUSKeteer"
Hubble 1 was made back in 1996 or something, step up the tech!


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Time to Travel!
  spets1, Jan 20 2017

Heya all,

Ive made a decision to travel once again. Been to asia, this time im going South America. FUCK YEAHHHH!
The plan right now is to work until about April/may and then when winter starting to kick in in australia, piss off to brazil.

Planning to go for like 6 months.

Thinking to start in brazil, see how I like it there and then go to Colombia or Ecuador. For obvious reasons!
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Anyone living around those places? I mean i dont have a solid plan yet and may change my mind about the countries.
But Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador are what I have been reading about and it sounds sick.

Ive saved up enough money to spend 6 months on a budget kind of travel.

Anyone out those places?? ANy recommendations?
I am looking to possibly be near the beach so I can learn surfing. But beach is not a must if I really like a place.
Maybe something like Bogota.

I will bring a laptop as well and maybe donate some money to you regs at the tables.

And I have zero spanish knowledge which will be a bit shit but I think I will get away with some sort of app on the phone which will translate shit for me.


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  spets1, Oct 22 2016

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broke up with the gf
  spets1, Mar 25 2016


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Tire exploded whilst driving
  spets1, Nov 05 2015

First time ever. So I stopped on side of road and started changing the spare on. Rain started. But no probs it wasnt that hard. Everyone just drives past. One dude came out of the house asked if everything is alright. Said its all good. One lady stopped and stayed with me till i fixed it. All good. Thx lady. If you were hot id get your number lol (anyway seeing that girl now from the last blog, shes pretty cool).

In other news i got a massive payrise at work. Pretty happy, working like a donkey though, reckon doing the job of 3 people. crazy shit. But raise is good. Finally got it. 75 to 109k usually nobody jumps that high ever, But yeah im good what can I do.
Also i moved back to live at my parents house. Its far from work (fkn took me 2hrs to drive today, thx to rain and traffic). Usually i catch a train that takes 1.5hrs prob. Fuck sydney traffic sucks. Never driving again.
Anyway not paying rent now, and got a raise, so gonna be swimming in cash soon.

Btw tried MDMA, its heaps good. Do it alone at your own risk, i spent SHITTTON of money on whores when i did it. MSG every single girl in my address too haha. fuck. Broke right now till i get my pay.

Anyhow heres some NSFW pics yo.

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