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Sicker than SARS

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  Karma, Apr 28 2007

GOD really exists despite what alot of faggots people on the internet like to say to the contrary(emos!) Alot of these same people talk about wars and deaths blah blah blah,but guess what? We die! Everyone reading this is going to die at some point. So don't be emo and diss God about it.You have a short amount of time to figure life out before you die. Being an emo and dissing God isn't the answer to your questions about life. Infact it's just pushing away all of the hard questions in favor of easy answers. You can either pursue all of the hard questions in life and find all the hard answers in the bible, which is hard, or you can just do the easy thing that everybody does and say "god doesn't exist because the world is screwed up blah blah blah oh what an emo retard am i" and then the world will just continue to be as screwed up as ever.Guess what , the world has always been screwed up and always will be screwed up.People have always died whether there have been wars or not and they always will die whether there are wars or not. Why do people rape and harm others? That's a better question to ask yourself.Do you want to be one of those people who rapes and harms people because it makes YOU feel good? Maybe you want to be one of those people who is a dictator who causes wars? I'd rather follow God myself.Some people won't like your opinions and might even try and call you hateful or racist or something just for saying something that isn't politically correct.But just remember that they hate God and would rape someone just to get their own rocks off! They might as well be Adolf Hitler.You know society is retarded like that and tries to say that truly mean and vicious and hateful actions aren't that bad and shouldn't be punished but politically incorrect speech is hateful and intolerant and totally unforgiveable.

God is real , I hope some of you will realise it and find God.There aren't always easy answers.What if everyone did evil everytime they didn't find a quick and easy to answer to a problem?
"Oh boo hoo , google failed me i think i'll go out and commit rape and rob a bank,boo hoo"...
if you dont well have fun in hell for enternity ill be laughing at you from heaven
life is very precious and very delicate so be very careful with it or you could wind up dead or rotting in jail somewhere...
or what about guilt? would you feel good about yourself if you raped an killed somebody?
this is why we need to listen to God and get his good input instead of all of society's bad input all the time
all of life's answers are in the bible, do not question it's truthfulness, simply be grateful to HIM
God has a great sense of humor but he likes to make the jokes on those who hate him.I would advise against mocking God though.That would be very ill-advised.

If you really think about it and study you cant deny HIS existence and HIS word, yeah im sure we all "evolved" from monkeys but you fags can burn in hell, all the more bananas for me in heaven

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Happy Birthday to ME!
  Karma, Mar 10 2007

It's my birthday, I'm 20 now. Although I'm sick so it kinda sucks. Probably just gonna go see a movie and have dinner

Suck it puny teenagers

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PokerTek Poker Pro Table Review
  Karma, Feb 19 2007

EDIT: Ok apparently the word rap on the blog page doesn't work and I can't be fucked fixing it
so if you want to read this with proper word rap it's going to be easier to go to this link:

In case you don't know what I'm talking about you can read about it HERE
Last year we had a topic about this the general consensus was that it would suck, even I agreed with that sentiment

But I played at these tables the other night at Crown Casino (Where Aussie Millions is held so it's a decent poker room) and I think they are actually pretty good. The main complaints that people seemed to have in the previous thread was that it distracted from the atmosphere, that it might be easy to cheat by looking at the cards and that it was pointless, I'll address those in…


I went with a few friends on Friday night and the immediate benefit was no waiting, normally at crown you usually have to wait for like 10-20 minutes and sometimes longer, at least on a Friday or Saturday night, but this time I was able to sit down almost straight away because you just look for a vacant seat and go and sit down. They give you this card thing that you put credit on at the cashier and you just insert it and buyin. One advantage (especially for lower limit players) was the limits at Crown went as low as .5/1$ with a 50bb max buyin, which is good compared to the normal buyins. For example you buyin for $50 max at the $1/2 dealer tables (emetique). They also had $2/4 FL as opposed to the lowest dealer tables being $5/10 FL. I would assume other casinos would adopt a similar policy of offering lower limits on the electronic tables

The coolest thing I found was that you get the opportunity to play shorthanded vs the casinofish, often at the Casino (At Crown anyway) you basically have to play high enough that there aren't enough players for a full table if you want to play shorthanded (like $10/20 or something). But there I was playing 3 handed vs the hilariously bad casinofish and BANKIN! (obv). So that was probably the coolest aspect of the technology

Also the hand rate is MUCH faster and no dealer fuckups (Like the dealer taking your cards when you open raise pf, it's happened to me ) or stringbetting etc to contend with which was a major bonus. Also I always get carpal tunnel at the casino from continuous shuffling so this helped me spare my precious wrist for more fruitful activities . I was probably getting 60 hands an hour at the full tables (9 playaz) and obviously many more when playing shorthanded. Anyone who's played casino NL knows how mindgrindingly slow it is (Full ring hand rates in the teens if your dealer sucks and the game is loose) so this was a welcome change
The atmosphere was still good as well (Chatty players etc, probably depends on table, you get dead table with dealers too) and the play was equally as loose as the normal tables so no complaints there. People also didn’t seem to take losing nearly as badly and I didn’t here any “fucking rigged damn computer” complaints either so normal fish didn’t seem to mind it either

There are also a few cool features like showing high/low cards as well folding and show last to act and all that shit too so your actions aren't really limited compared to normal casino play. There are also functions to automuck and call a floor person over if someone is being a faggot so it’s all there

You can rebuy to the max easily, look at the previous hand and see the exact pot amount and stack sizes, which makes it a lot easier to make decisions in regards to bet/raise amounts which is sometimes a problem at the casino. Also there's a confirm button for actions so it’s difficult to make misclicks etc.

In regard to looking at the other player's hands it's really quite easy to prevent any cheating. The way to show you cards is you put your hand on the touchscreen in a cupping shape around the card animation and the cards kinda flip up so you see he corner like you would normally. Also the screens are covered with some substance which makes it impossible view them from an angle so there’s really only a cheating threat from the players directly next to you which is easy to negate if you use your hands in the normal way. It’s not like people and trying to cheat anyway so it’s not a big deal
Another problem is that one of the tables seemed to randomly lag a little, which was a rare occurrence but a little annoying nonetheless. Also my screen was a little screwy but that seemed to be only a problem with my screen. I used the card to touch the screen buttons as opposed to my hand and it worked fine, probably some aids ridden junkie had wiped his greasy hands on it causing it to not register my finger so it's all good . The touch screens are generally pretty reactive though and don't fuck up much, hardly a major inconvenience.

So yeah overall I think they are cool, of course there is a slight loss of atmosphere without real cards and chips and dealer but I’m not a chip butterflyin’ card flickin’ dealer antagonisin’ balla so I don’t really care. If you’re going to the casino to make money and play some shorthanded low limit live pokah then these tables are the obvious choice. If you like chatting to other players about how gay the dealer is and doing chip tricks then you might want to stick to the normal dealer tables but otherwise poker pro is the way to go

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  Karma, Feb 08 2007

Added some super awesome fishies to the tank, I only put a few in so if there's something seriously wrong with the water and they die horrible deaths it won't cost me too much.
I'm going to add the fish slowly because that's the kind of guy I am, Rock Steady

It should be noted that my fish tank is far more awesome than kantoiki's

This is what it looks like, bought some plants too with make it looks super k00l and the light helps too

Angelfishes looking sweet despite the possible semen dirt marks on the tank:

I got 10 small ones which are feeder fish that you're supposed to feed to bigger fish. Bought them cos they're cheap and even though they were brutally eating a black fishes (like this)eyeballs
off when I saw them at the shop I'm confident they'll get on just fine :

I also bought 3 of these ones which are crazy and one is deformed, yay
The deformed one gets raped by the other two constantly and so I will call him Baal:

This is what the non retarded ones look like:

Baal getting owned, only a tiny sample:

So yeah that's basically it for now, I'll add some more tomorrow or Saturday

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Fish Tank
  Karma, Feb 05 2007

Yeah getting a fish tank cos they're cool and have all kinds of sweet poker vibes, it should be pretty easy because I have a lot of experiance at owning fish
Looks shit now because it has none of the following which I will eventually have: Plants, bigger rocks and FISH

When I get the fish I'll name them after members

I expertly drew in some fish to give you an idea of what it will look like:

Anyway I bought a monster filter today that will mean I wont have to do much work, haggled with the fish shop guy to get the filter and some water cleaner for $150 (tag price: $185) Ship it dodgy asian dude
Paid in cash obv for dodgy discount

Check out this beast, it's bigger than the tank. The water is all dirrrty now because I put crap in it to get rid of the chemicals and get the good bacteria going. That dirty water simply has no chance, think of it as me playing some fish (Like Baal for instance) HU. Total rollover impending

Anyway decided to play some poker today to make up for the splurging on the fish tank crap, decided I MUST make $150 to make it ok. Lucklily it look me like 5 hands so I was able to hit and run like a true balla

You see true pr0s like me quit when they're ahead, sustainable obv

I really need to play more poker, I've played barely at all but unfortunately my internet is hampster powered and disconnects every 15mins so makes playing any meaningful session impossible

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