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first world problems

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  k4ir0s, Mar 12 2016

Anyone following the alphaGo challenge? next match tomorrow 2-0 for the AI

it's really fascinating what they're accomplishing. 1 year ago they solved Atari games using self-learning AI with 'sight' being it's only input, and now GO. The founder even mentions in an interview that they might try Starcraft in the future. They recently announced that their next challenge is a 3D game..

interesting article;

He believes that NL poker is still very difficult to solve, so that's a good sign

last year incase anyone missed it;

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Classical music
  k4ir0s, Nov 07 2014

Share some!

Here are some of my favorites right now. I tend to prefer the less cheerful sounds

I close my eyes and listen to this.. complete and utter bliss

he plays it with such passion..

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Waitlist joiner?
  k4ir0s, Oct 24 2014

I'm looking for a something that joins me on all waitlists. Does table ninja 2 have this function?

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need PP, have stars
  k4ir0s, Oct 09 2014

anything from $20, to a few hundred. for my stars

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  k4ir0s, Oct 01 2014

First month since getting back into poker.

nl50, and nl100 FR

Meh.. not as much volume as I hoped for. but this is only 3 weeks. Nice freeroll for Lemon, not making the 50k hands minimum because I forgot my token at home when visiting family. zzzz

Glad I can still win at this game, tho I must have been running good because I spew money like crazy sometimes. For some odd reason, I always tilt the most during the first 30-40min of my sessions. I suppose I'll play less talbes during the start of my sessions (from 12, to 9).. see if that helps.

One thing I noticed since I'm back is, seat scripters! seat scripters everywhere! It's alot tougher now to find open seats next to fish. I considered getting one myself, and even tried a few, but have yet to find a good one. Most are full of bugs, too slow, and OVERPRICED ($1000, or even a % of your expected winnings.......) Anyways.. I don't need one for now.

Poker goals for next month;
60k hands minimum (bumping the volume up every month)
Play less tables during the start of my sessions
Watch a few RIO videos / per week (recommendations anyone?)
Learn PLO when bored of my regular game
Tweak my HUD (this is what I have always used + Show Spoiler +


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  k4ir0s, Sep 09 2014

Anyone here listen to jazz? if so give me some recommendations!

It makes good grinding music.

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Small propbet anyone?
  k4ir0s, Sep 01 2014

Haven't played serious poker in ~1.5 years. Since then I've been living off only ~$1300 /month, my roll's been getting smaller and smaller - especially since I recently moved to Montreal. I'm beginning to get worried! No college education, zero job experience! lawl.

Goals for this month;

Poker goals:
Start at nl50 FR
70k hands minimum

Also, does anyone want to do a small prop bet every month, to keep eachother motivated. If we don't achieve a certain amount of hands every month, we pay the other guy $200, something small.. Because I have been finding it very difficult to sit down and play poker, I don't dislike the game.. I just become overwhelmed with anxiety when I try to play, maybe I'm afraid I'll fail.

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  k4ir0s, May 21 2014

When I was younger I remember always feeling passionate about something, whether it was starcraft, or poker.. I would always be on the lookout for something to invest most of my energy in. Whatever it was, there was always a sense of wonder about it. Now that i'm older, things feel more plain, and I find it difficult to feel excited and diligent like before.

I miss that feeling more than anything, and I despise growing old. I recently moved to Montreal to start doing mma, hoping to spark my passion . I'm also getting back into poker, because my funds are getting low!

Do you guys still feel passionate about things in your lives?


I know it's old, and quite of few of you prob already watched it

but I think it's a must watch for those of you who haven't

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Move cursor to bet box?
  k4ir0s, May 19 2014

I haven't played on stars in awhile..

Is there a hotkey setting that lets me move cursor to betting box? in stars, or tableninja.

I use to have a program called 'Stars Auto Hotkeys" or something like that, but it doesn't work anymore.

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255 stars, for PP
  k4ir0s, May 15 2014

I can actually use more PP money, let me know if any of you want stars$. i'll pay 5% extra

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