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first world problems

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Classical music
  k4ir0s, Nov 07 2014

Share some!

Here are some of my favorites right now. I tend to prefer the less cheerful sounds

I close my eyes and listen to this.. complete and utter bliss

he plays it with such passion..

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Waitlist joiner?
  k4ir0s, Oct 24 2014

I'm looking for a something that joins me on all waitlists. Does table ninja 2 have this function?

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need PP, have stars
  k4ir0s, Oct 09 2014

anything from $20, to a few hundred. for my stars

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  k4ir0s, Oct 01 2014

First month since getting back into poker.

nl50, and nl100 FR

Meh.. not as much volume as I hoped for. but this is only 3 weeks. Nice freeroll for Lemon, not making the 50k hands minimum because I forgot my token at home when visiting family. zzzz

Glad I can still win at this game, tho I must have been running good because I spew money like crazy sometimes. For some odd reason, I always tilt the most during the first 30-40min of my sessions. I suppose I'll play less talbes during the start of my sessions (from 12, to 9).. see if that helps.

One thing I noticed since I'm back is, seat scripters! seat scripters everywhere! It's alot tougher now to find open seats next to fish. I considered getting one myself, and even tried a few, but have yet to find a good one. Most are full of bugs, too slow, and OVERPRICED ($1000, or even a % of your expected winnings.......) Anyways.. I don't need one for now.

Poker goals for next month;
60k hands minimum (bumping the volume up every month)
Play less tables during the start of my sessions
Watch a few RIO videos / per week (recommendations anyone?)
Learn PLO when bored of my regular game
Tweak my HUD (this is what I have always used + Show Spoiler +


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  k4ir0s, Sep 09 2014

Anyone here listen to jazz? if so give me some recommendations!

It makes good grinding music.

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Small propbet anyone?
  k4ir0s, Sep 01 2014

Haven't played serious poker in ~1.5 years. Since then I've been living off only ~$1300 /month, my roll's been getting smaller and smaller - especially since I recently moved to Montreal. I'm beginning to get worried! No college education, zero job experience! lawl.

Goals for this month;

Poker goals:
Start at nl50 FR
70k hands minimum

Also, does anyone want to do a small prop bet every month, to keep eachother motivated. If we don't achieve a certain amount of hands every month, we pay the other guy $200, something small.. Because I have been finding it very difficult to sit down and play poker, I don't dislike the game.. I just become overwhelmed with anxiety when I try to play, maybe I'm afraid I'll fail.

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  k4ir0s, May 21 2014

When I was younger I remember always feeling passionate about something, whether it was starcraft, or poker.. I would always be on the lookout for something to invest most of my energy in. Whatever it was, there was always a sense of wonder about it. Now that i'm older, things feel more plain, and I find it difficult to feel excited and diligent like before.

I miss that feeling more than anything, and I despise growing old. I recently moved to Montreal to start doing mma, hoping to spark my passion . I'm also getting back into poker, because my funds are getting low!

Do you guys still feel passionate about things in your lives?


I know it's old, and quite of few of you prob already watched it

but I think it's a must watch for those of you who haven't

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Move cursor to bet box?
  k4ir0s, May 19 2014

I haven't played on stars in awhile..

Is there a hotkey setting that lets me move cursor to betting box? in stars, or tableninja.

I use to have a program called 'Stars Auto Hotkeys" or something like that, but it doesn't work anymore.

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255 stars, for PP
  k4ir0s, May 15 2014

I can actually use more PP money, let me know if any of you want stars$. i'll pay 5% extra

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Some good stand-up comedy?
  k4ir0s, Mar 16 2014

Feeling down, link me some good standup comedy pls

here, have some trance to grind too

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